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Amish Wool Mittens Berry Red Blue Cozy


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What an exciting photo shoot I had the other day photographing these wonderful Amish mittens! A storm came though that blessed our farm with falling snow and what a beautiful sight to behold as referenced in the last images. Not only that a deer appeared walking slowly to see what was available to eat and her interest seemed limited to the ground area just beneath our white oak tree! I was able to photograph this beautiful deer in an alert stance as well as taking a rest while large snowflakes fell quickly from the ominous sky. I would have invited her in to warm herself by the fire but I am not quite sure she would have been very responsive to my hospitality!

This next offering is just perfect for this time of year to add comfort and warmth to your home. These wonderful pair of women’s Amish hand knit mittens were part of a trio I purchased and may have been knit by the same hand. Amish mittens are difficult to date because the same pattern and materials were used for many years. My instincts tell me these mittens date to around 1890 to the 1940’s timeline. Amish mittens such as this great example are usually hard to find as they are coveted by textile collectors. This pair was fashioned from wool that lends a soft cornflower blue color accented with a tiny “V” pattern representing a berry red hue. The pair is attached by a strand of wool so they will not get lost but seems to limit them from being worn unless your hands stay close together.

The condition is fine without any holes, rips stains or odors to report. The ribbed cuff feature adds texture and is a great design element. There are crisp white specs incorporated in the wool scattered randomly throughout that also lend interest to the overall appearance.

You can place these mittens in an old basket that will create an unusual winter display or what about hanging them on a peg rack as referenced in image 2. I know you will have fun creating warmth to your homestead during these cold winter months that we can enjoy from inside resting ourselves by a cozy fire……. if you please! Anyone have any marshmallows? **Side note: These mittens can sell for over $100.00 but these are reasonably priced as I was able to purchase them for a good deal and am therefore passing the savings along to you.

Mittens measure 9 ½” tall, measure 5 ¾” across the widest area to thumb and measure 3 ¾” across the wrist cuff area.

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