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Antique 1800's Pantry Box Nice Color


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This 1800's pantry box considered utilitarian treenware, was a very important staple to the early settlers. Critters in the pantry were a troublesome matter to colonial women. Dry goods like flour, sugar, grain and the like had to be placed in covered food storage boxes to help protect them. These boxes were imported from Europe until American factories began producing them during the late18th century.

Some were varnished in plain wood, like this one, while others were painted in pleasing colors that actually brightened up a plain corner when stacked together. Pantry boxes were fashioned in graduated sizes. The largest held cheese or butter, the smallest contained pills or spices and the in ~ between sizes accommodated everything else. Each had a snug fitting lid. So interesting!

This pantry box is in very good condition and the color boasting a rich sepia really accentuates the nice wood grain. Bentwood construction incorporated with round nails on both the front and sides add character and charm. Simple in form with a nice lapped over design which served a purpose and was considered a main ~ stay in the19th Century Buttery.

There is a small piece of wood missing from the edge of the lip as can be seen in image 5. A make ~ do repair can be seen on the lid as there is a 1" piece of wood in the center that looks like it was replaced long ago. Please see image 7. A small crack that extends about 7" along side the round portion of the lid is just barely visible. See image 9. No musty smells or odors to report!

This medium size would be a nice fit and should incorporate well with your existing stack of pantry boxes. Just a neat example of early craftsmanship that has interesting history behind it. No wonder they are so sought ~ after! :) Enjoy!

Measurements are 7 1/2" across, & 4 1/2" High.

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