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Antique Artisan Made Primitive Log Cabin from Virginia's Eastern Shore Fabulous Folk Art Appeal


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I am envisioning a peaceful and cozy Christmas in an old Log Cabin far away in the woods. The snow is gently falling and the cabin is warm from the fire that will cook a wonderful holiday meal. The stockings are hung, the fresh cut tree is decorated and the soft glow of candles cast shadows throughout this humble dwelling.

Even though this cabin is diminutive in size, these fond memories of enchantment lure me into a captivating scene on Christmas Eve! This piece found on Virginia's Eastern Shore is "ever so fabulous" and the construction is very detailed and intensive. Each log has interlocking double notched joints or cog joints as was the term used in Britain. The gabled roof was fashioned from old crates that still boast the advertising for the product it once held. The surface wear on the roof is consistent with age and wonderful! Dry attic finish is non existent and the rich nutmeg and sorrel brown tones are indeed favorable. There are small nails present on the outside to secure the roof. The pitched roof at the top is constructed of a different type of wood and is darker in color. This really adds contrast and attention to detail is prevalent by this maker.

The cabin is comprised of six windows, two in the front, two on the sides and two in the back. The opening to the door has a little animal pelt that hangs from the inside near the top. What a neat rustic little accent! It appears the logs in the front of the cabin only, have been reinforced with copper wire as shown in image 7. This wire was then wrapped around a small nail on the inside as shown in images 9 & 10 to add strength and durability to the logs. One of the logs at the top, just below the roof, on the right hand side is broken and only half remains. See images 16 & 17. The rest of the logs are intact and the cabin is in good condition. The sides on the inside of the cabin have two wood pieces that were added for support.

The chimney has been hand painted with a grey background color along with buttermilk accents to mimic brick.

This piece lends such a interesting primitive look and is perfect for holiday decorating!! Either set on a deep window sill or a little table by the fire, this cabin will evoke warm Christmas memories throughout the year!

The cabin looks awesome lit, as the doorway and windows cast soft shadows that really show off!!! If you need a light for this piece at an additional cost, please go to the "Contact Us" page and let me know! Enjoy!

The cabin measures 13 1/4" across, stands almost 11" Tall & is 10 1/4" Deep.

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