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Antique Birds Eye Maple Dough Bowl Gorgeous Color


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If you enjoy collecting antique bowls you may be very enticed by this next offering as it was fashioned from Birds Eye Maple wood and is, "Oh so pretty"! This bowl is absolutely beautiful and sports a warm maple color that is rich and lovely.

Birds Eye maple is a type of figure that occurs within several kinds of wood, but primarily from Sugar Maple trees. This distinctive pattern closely mimics tiny, swirling eyes of a bird hence the name "Birdseye".

Scientists believe that this phenomenon occurs from the distortion of growth rings in the tree. Unfavorable growing conditions may also be attributed to this figure and here is why. The sugar maple attempts to start new buds to obtain more sunlight however, if the growing conditions are not absolute the new shoots are aborted leaving an imprint of tiny knots left behind in the wood.

This type of wood is sought ~ after because it is not commonly found therefore anything fashioned from Birdseye is usually more expensive. Interesting isn't it? There are several pieces of woodenware that are produced from Birdseye including rolling pins, bowls, and boxes just to name a few.

The form on this bowl is fabulous because it is deep compared to other bowls more commonly found that are usually shallow. It has an interesting shape which is oval because it is out of round. There are chop marks present inside the bottom of the bowl as well as a couple little berry stains as shown in images 8, 9 & 10. Check out the neat detail in images 5, 6 & 7 that shows the Birdseye! So pretty and you can also see the dark spots that indicate tiny knots as well.

There is a small crack as referenced in image 12, on the inside near the rim edge and also comes through on the back as shown in image 18. These age cracks are just that and are very common in old bowls such as this one. Speaking of age, this bowl dates to around the turn of the century.

There are indications of proper wear, such as on the bottom of the bowl because this piece has been moved and slid across the table numerous times through the years. A darker mark is present on the back just above the circular bottom and may be the beginning of a burn mark but was caught in time, as referenced in images 15 & 17. The surface is smooth but the bowl does have a couple slightly rough areas on the outside. The color is consistent throughout which is fabulous!

I oiled this bowl a couple weeks ago using mineral oil to bring out the grain and color. There is no residue from this treatment as all the oil was absorbed. You can do this too as needed, maybe twice a year. Just rub the mineral oil in the wood, turn it over so the opening sits on top of the table and let it dry.

Surprise!! This bowl also comes with the two wooden spoons, as shown in image 19. I chose a light spoon with great wear inside the bowl and pared it up with a complimentary darker spoon bound with aged string. There is a small chip on the very edge of the darker spoon near the bowl as shown in image 20. You will receive 23 Sweet gum balls and a primitive gourd that fill a portion of the inside adding plenty of interest and primitive charm.

I can envision this bowl holding Pie Pumpkins, dried corn and Fall leaves for autumn while the holidays present yet another fantastic possibility as fresh greens, berries and apples will offer holiday magic! This special piece has all the tendencies to create beautiful warmth to your lovely homestead! Enjoy!

The bowl measures 14" across @ the widest point (oval part), 12 1/2" from front to back & stands a generous 4" tall. Great size!! The spoons measure 10" across from the end to the front edge where the bowl is, approximately 2" across & are 3/4" tall overlapping each other in the middle. The gourd measures 2 3/4" Tall including the stem & is almost 2" across @ the widest point in the middle. The gum balls vary in size but are around 1" Tall, not including the stem, 3" Tall including the stem measurement, by 1" wide.

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