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Antique Breadboard Carved Give Us This Day with Sugar Cone German Mellon Baller


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If you love primitive antiques then this next offering could be your "match made in heaven"! The fantastic wear on this board could not be better and a sugar cone, melon baller topped with a wee acorn and two tiny wheat rabbit cookies are also included with this gathering just in time for Easter.

I can't stress enough how wonderful the "dry attic finish" is on this breadboard boasting early wear with some interesting color variations in the wood. The color is a very dark chocolate brown, almost black and the raised letters that read, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread", also have tremendous wear to the point where some of the letters are almost flush with the board. Neat! There are knife marks present on the front as referenced in image 10. This piece may have English origin and probably dates to the turn of the century quite possibly even earlier.

There is an area that has some subdued white streaks running through the grain of the wood and can be found in the upper middle portion of the board. See image 10. Images 2, 8 & 11 show the lighter colors surrounding the area that spells, the word "Give". Image 8 & 9 reflect the wear in the word, "Bread" as the first three raised letters are a little difficult to read.

The back of this board is fantastic as the color variations are "honest and true". There are even whispers of faint crazing in the wood as referenced in image 19. The upper portion of the board also has some rough spots predominantly located in the middle. In the center of this spot there is a sliver of wood missing with a small recessed area off to the right but is localized to this area only. The rest of the board is just fine.

Two small areas on the back of the board have subdued white spots as shown in image 16 & 17 but are limited to this area only. A round incised grove is present in the middle of the board as shown in image 14 that is somewhat prevalent depending on which side you are viewing the board. There is also a step that raises this board about 1/8th of an inch which certainly adds character. See images 15 & 17. The board does have indications of being ever so slightly warped but will still sit flat on any surface it is placed on without an issue.

I added an authentic sugar cone in the center of the board surrounded by Prairie Grass that is also included, to conjure up a primitive "Wow" factor! A wee gourd hangs off to the left of the cone while cheesecloth was wrapped around the bottom. This sugar cone made in a mold has plenty of character and really adds charm to the board.

I was able to find a fabulous "Melon Baller" marked, "Germany" and added a tiny acorn in the scoop that resembles a wee egg. It probably dates anytime after 1920 and is a very heavy piece, solid and well made. Mellon Baller's were first manufactured around 1849 and were used to scoop out the inside of soft melons to form the shape of a ball. This baller is just a perfect size for the breadboard! Two pieces of wood were used on the handle with the metal baller sandwiched in between and held together by small nails. See images 33 & 34.

Of course just in time for Easter I added two wee whole grain rabbit cookies made by "Annie's Homegrown" and boy are they good as I am chomping away on some right now! The cookies featured on the board are for decorative purposes only as they were used in several places for the photo shoots.....but the good news is I will share :) and can certainly send you some fresh from the package to nibble on!

This dark breadboard gathering would compliment any table or cupboard with, "oh so much primitive charm" that whispers plenty of time worn character from years of use in country kitchens across the miles! Enjoy!

Breadboard measures 11 3/4" by 11 3/4" and is 1/2" tall. Mellon Baller is 5 3/4" Tall, 3/4" across the widest point @ the top, the bowl or scoop is 1/2" across & is 1/4" thick. The Sugar Cone stands 4 1/4" Tall, measures 1" across the top & 2 1/4" across the bottom. The darling little rabbit cookies measures 1" across & stand almost 3/4" tall including the ear measurement.

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