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Antique Breadboard Cutting Board with Realistic Bread and Knife Gathering


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We all sure do love our bread ~ cutting boards and can't seem to stop collecting them as there always seems to be yet another board we see that is favored. This next offering includes the breadboard, realistic bread partially surrounded by dried flowers and an old knife.

This antique cutting board constructed of pine, is simple in form however the primitive surface is incredible sporting two dark knots visible on the front and backside. The deep nutmeg and honey slight color variations along with sprinklings of black scattered randomly throughout make for quite an interesting look. This board also has a slightly concave area located in the middle resulting from possibly kneading bread dough for many years as shown in image 10. The texture is a little waxy, not sticky and the wood is smooth to the touch. The corners of this board are round and worn from using this piece probably on a daily basis. It also appears that this little guy had a mishap with being set to close to the stove a long time ago as reflected in image 9. The burn mark is located on the upper edge near the front of the board but is not visible on the back.

There are two areas on the back corners that are across from each other that show some wood loss as referenced in image 8. These areas are smooth which gives us a hint that this is not a recent occurrence. Chop marks are present on the front as well as the back of this board along with some small chips reserved to the edges. No cracks are present!

In "keeping to tradition", I paired up a fantastic loaf of round bread that looks so real anyone would be fooled, thanks to a North Carolina baker! The crevices and creases on the top are so realistic and so is the wheat and honey color hue. I also purchased one of these loaves as well to present whimsy to one of my boards and the results are terrific! I had to rescue this loaf from my mother who came at it with a knife! LOL!

Fresh, preserved Sweet Annie, red berries and grasses were tucked under the bread as a nice accent and are included as shown in the pictures. Lastly, an old carbon steel utility knife marked, "Old Hickory" sporting a wood handle was used as an appropriate accent even though it is not a bread knife.

This gathering would make a wonderful presentation for any primitive country kitchen. Just make sure no one eats the bread display! Enjoy!

Board measures 12" across (right to left), 9 1/2" front to back and is 1/2" thick. Realistic looking bread stands 3 1/4" Tall by 6" across the bottom. Old Hickory Knife measures 7 1/4" Long by 1/2" @ the widest point (bottom of the wooden handle).

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