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Antique Breadboard Notched Ends


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Oh how we all love our Bread or Dough Boards and it is not surprising that they have become a primitive staple for our home. This six board constructed bread board has wonderful notched ends on all four corners. The two end pieces of wood have an exposed tongue that fits nicely into the open groove or ~notched out~ counterpart. Age and use have taken their toll on the notched ends (limited to one side only), as the tongue has raised up slightly above the notch. (Please see image 5). There is also a tiny gap between the two however, the board is still very sturdy and strong.

The wood chosen was a hardwood and the grain has a very nice texture on the surface top and bottom. The board does not have allot of chopping marks in the wood so this was probably used to knead and roll out dough. There are some discolorations on the surface but does have very nice age. The wood is more of a medium nutmeg color and the surface is very smooth. There are no cracks but some of the pieces of wood that were used to construct the board have shrunk a little through the years and have ever so slightly, separated. These show as small cracks in the images but actually are not. The ends of the board are semi round and only one corner has several minor chips.

Overall in very good condition and even has a small hole for hanging up in your pantry. Nice generous size and can be used leaning up, in the back, with your other smaller boards stacked in the front. So many wonderful display possibilities as well! Just a great piece that would be a terrific addition to your kitchen or pantry!

Measurements are: 2' across from board end to board end, by 18" by 3/4" thick.

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