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Antique Butter Pats Paddle Scotch Hands Warm Patina


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This grand pair of Scotch Hands, butter pats or paddles were used in 19th century kitchens and are certainly multi ~ functional. They have a little recessed step located at the bottom and sides that helped aid the "huswife" for lifting butter from the churn. These butter pats also were used to stir and cut butter as well as pressing it into a mold. Small butter balls were created by rolling a small lump between the wooden pats and when finished these would be served at the dinner table, pretty as can be, as referenced in image 9.

This pair of Scotch Hands traveled all the way from England to make your acquaintance and how lovely they are! As a matter of fact, I have never seen any paddles quite as nice as these! The warm patina really is fabulous and the color is similar to a deep honey with highlights of rich nutmeg. They are in perfect condition without any chips or cracks to report! They certainly were well cared for!

What is so unusual about these butter paddles is they have an interesting design where the handle meets the paddle that sports decorative form. Two tiny notches appear on the bottom of the handle with a gradual, flared half circle that is part of the paddle. The other wonderful surprise are the scribe marks, on the handle! Two incised lines per section boasting two subsequent markings on each end of the paddle make for a very interesting piece indeed! Both ends of the handle are coal black and so are the very tips of the paddle.

I added a spray of Sweet Annie and an ornamental poppy pod tied with string to grace the top. This can be easily removed if you choose to. These Scotch Hands would be a perfect accent for any stoneware crock and could also keep your breadboard or wooden bowl company in your country kitchen. You could also try your hand at making butter balls that can be served to surprise family members! Either way, this offering is just too unusual and nice to pass up! Enjoy!

Each Paddle stands about 9 1/2" tall & measures 3" across. The paddle itself is 1/8" thick and the handle is almost 1/4" thick.

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