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Antique Carved Breadboard with Knife Fabulous Detail


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Oh my goodness! This breadboard is just amazing and so is the knife that is also included in this offering. Maple is such a great wood as it has such a warm rich appearance and even has slight indications of birds eye maple present. There is a little knot located about an inch below the edge of the board that just adds to the charm of this piece.

A carved raised design is located on the very edge and is simple in form but decorative at the same time. This design resembles a half moon shape squared off and was carved on the top of the board leaving the remaining thickness of 1/2" underneath. Sweet! There is a slight waxy finish on the top and the board feels smooth as silk. Prominent knife marks are apparent on the surface and a indented circular groove will accommodate a shoo fly screen or other food cover very nicely.

The bottom of this board reveals multiple knife marks and indicates this was used more than the side with nice carving. The top portion is raised from it's bottom counterpart about 1/8 of an inch to possibly accommodate a food cover as well. The surface is also a little waxy but not as much as the top and is also very smooth to the touch.

The maple bread knife was manufactured after1920 and could possibly be "Sheffield" but is not marked. I happened to see another knife almost identical to this one and it was marked, "Taylor's Celebrated Witness, Sheffield with a eye mark in the middle. This knife was not serrated and either is this one. Interesting. This knife is definitely dressed for the occasion as it has a fabulous carved "V" design on the wooden handle accented with curved lines. The wood is very smooth and does have some scratches on the sides near the bottom portion of the handle. Minimal wear and is in very good condition without any cracks to report. The blade is stainless steel and does have some dark age spots randomly placed through out both the front and the back.

It is unknown as to whether or not the knife is original to this board and therefore, may be a marriage. Good match though and I don't hear any complaints from either one of them! :) This set is in overall very good condition and really is spectacular! The color is fabulous and so is the overall form. Can you just envision this with a shoo fly screen cover on top and laid out in your buttery or pantry! See image 7. Wow! What a statement this would make! Enjoy!

Breadboard Measurements are 10 1/2" across. Knife measures 12 1/2" from tip of blade to end of handle, wooden handle is 1" Wide & 1" thick.

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