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Antique Child's Dresser with Putz Sheep Sweet


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This fine doll dresser from the 1930's to 1940's is just as fabulous as you can get and also comes with the four layers of stacked fabric plus a darling Putz Sheep too. It is in very good condition and eagerly awaits a special place in your homestead! The front of the dresser looks like it has been grain painted because the wood has so many interesting natural markings that are strong and beautiful. The overall color of this piece is dark with wonderful highlights of warm bittersweet hues. The black striations in the wood lend so much interest flavored with distinct character.

The sides of the dresser sport half moon cut outs that are a charming detail. There is a scratch as shown in image 8 near the top but blends in nicely with the color of the rest of the wood. The back was left unfinished and has a bit of a rough textured surface as shown in image 11. There is an area that shows some stains over to the left, image 12, and you can clearly see the knot which signifies this back board used was fashioned from pine.

This little dresser was designed to show interesting detail by the maker. If you look at the front just below the last drawer there are two decorative aprons on each side that have nicely done scroll-work as shown in images 2, 3 & 4. This really lends something very special to the overall look and it really enhances this piece with style!

The drawers are held together by tiny nails as shown in image 18 and are in great condition. One of the drawers does have a nail that is extending through the wood but located in the back as referenced in image 20. The porcelain knobs are held together with screws that have darkened nicely by age. The knobs do have a gentle crazed or crackled appearance which is just what you want to see when they exceed the 50 year mark. What is so interesting is that the back of the drawers do not meet the sides. They were made lower about 1' and do not meet the height of their side counterparts.

The top of the dresser gives us a clue that at one point it may have had another piece attached like a mirror. This area in the back does not have the same color as the rest of the piece. To remedy this I have chosen four different fabrics that can be stacked on top and this really lends a great look too! Old chocolate brown boucle wool was chosen for warmth as well as brown ticking, homespun and calico. The little sheep stands high above the fabric and completes this primitive scene by adding whimsy.

There is also a long crack across the top of the dresser near the front referenced in image 10 that is not particularly noticeable. It is sturdy and secure at this point but I would try to pick up the dresser from the sides when lifting.

Lastly, the darling Putz Sheep really adds something special to this offering! He boasts a red original collar and his legs are intact and do not wiggle. He does have a little chip on his ear as shown in image 22 and 24 but he won the fight and is still a happy little guy to have around! His face does have a couple of black scuff marks on the left hand side only but this is to be expected with age. His wooly coat is soft and he promises to delight you and your homestead!

This gathering is perfect for a bedroom area set on top of a large dresser with early children's books scattered about! At Christmas time this ensemble would also look nice next to a feather tree too! The drawers can be semi ~ opened and filled with pine cones, small chenille candy canes with greens tucked in for an enchanting holiday display! Enjoy!

The dresser stands 9" Tall, 12 1/2" across top edge, 11 1/2" across the dresser portion, 5 1/2" across top side edge (depth), 3" deep. Putz Sheep stands 3 1/4" Tall including the head measurement, 2 1/4" body, 3 1/4" Long including the head, 2 3/4" front chest to back of tail, 1 1/4" shoulder to shoulder. Fabric is 11 1/2" by 8 1/2".

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