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Antique Child's Washboard Graniteware Pail Old Lye Soap Clothespins Primitive Washday Gathering


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"Wash Day", does not have to be such a mundane chore especially with this next gathering as it will brighten up any laundry room with primitive charm! An antique Child's size decorated wash board and Graniteware pail filled with old Lye Soap and clothespins are included but the laundry task is up to you! :)

This washboard marked, "National Washboard Company" is just as primitive as they come and the dark tin surface from years of use is a real plus! The wood sports a pleasing dry attic finish and the color variations this board has to offer really lend allot of character to the overall look.

There is appropriate nail bleed as referenced in image 7 and the joined corners lend an early construction feature as shown in image 8 & 9. One of the corners was re~enforced with three nails but one of the nails missed it's mark and sticks out of the corner edge as shown in image 9. Another nail was driven through the top edge to re~enforce this area as well on the opposite side. Both legs also have one nail driven through where the bottom horizontal piece connects them together. There is also a small piece of wood missing on the back left hand corner near the black printing.

This board is not warped and I can't find any cracks, dings or chips either. The wood is smooth from years of use and there are no sharp edges to report. This piece is in good condition for it's age and I really like the dark pewter color in the raised tin that was used to scrub clothes clean!

I added a "Make ~ Do" Clothesline in the front using an aged piece of string along with two nails that were attached on both sides to keep the line in place. A wonderful piece of buttermilk burlap that has a soft butterscotch hue was paired up with aged cheesecloth to act as a back drop for the old doll sock. The black sock really stands out against the burlap and is accented with dried goldenrod and red rosehips. An old wooden clothespin holds this little fabric creation in place while it graces the front of the washboard with a soft and tattered homespun look we all adore.

I was able to find a graniteware small pail that I added excelsior and Prairie grass to so the olde Lye Soap and clothespins would be elevated. This pail is a real "cutie" and has a consistent color of elephant grey throughout. Very slight mottling in this piece and the two metal tabs on each side with a hole in the center accommodate a wire handle quite nicely as shown in images 18 & 19. There are only whispers of graniteware that remain on the top of these dark tin tabs that appear to be soldered on as no rivets were used.

The bottom edges, as well as the inside and outside bottom areas reflect some Graniteware loss which is a very common occurrence in pieces that are this old. Please see images 17, 20, 21, 22 & 23. There are no holes or rusted out areas to report other than light surface rust in a couple of the inside areas as well as the bottom of the pail.

I found a wonderful image of a woman dressed in period clothing that includes a Prairie bonnet stirring Lye Soap and used this image on the front of the pail, hand ~ stitched up onto burlap, in "Keeping to the Traditional" theme of this gathering.

I used some olde Lye Soap from my "Private Selection Stash" that I acquired years ago from a family member who was clearing out their Pennsylvania barn! He found pounds of this Lye Soap up in the rafters that was made by his grandmother before the turn of the century. So you are actually receiving olde Lye Soap chunks that have a bit of history behind them!

I added some Sweet Annie and rose hips to one of the larger soaps and drew this up with hand spun chocolate brown wool. The other pieces of soap have a beautiful rich butterscotch color that are a perfect contrast to the buttermilk chunk.

A small bundle of flax was used and tied with string to act as a "Make ~ Do" scrubber. Four old clothespins also grace the pail with "Wash Day" charm.

This fun gathering will certainly lend character to your Laundry Room and should make your "Wash Day" chore just a wee bit easier as compared to actually using this scrub board, we can just drop the clothes in a machine and let IT do all the work! How's that for a great concept we can all certainly live with! Enjoy!

As a little surprise I am also including an olde Lye Soap Recipe with this gathering that I hope you enjoy!

The washboard stands 18" Tall, 8 1/2" across & is 1" Deep. The fabric creation with the doll sock measures 9" Tall, 6" @ the widest point (Across), & is 1 3/4" Deep. The Graniteware Pail stands 7" Tall including the handle, (3 1/2" Tall without the handle measurement), 5" Across the top & 4 1/2" Across the bottom. Large Lye Soap chunk measures almost 3" across the top, 1 1/2" thick & 2" Wide. Small Lye Soap chunks vary a little in size but are approximately 1 3/4" across by 1". Scrubber measures 3" Tall by 1/2" thick. Clothespins vary in size but are approximately 3 1/4" up to 3 3/4" Tall by about a half inch thick.

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