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Antique Corn Dryer Primitive Gourds Autumn Mittens


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Autumn reminds me of sweater and mitten weather especially when the evenings start getting chilly and the winds pick up. I was able to find some hand knit mittens, a corn dryer as well as special gourds I try to keep on hand. These ingredients I used cook up a special Fall offering I hope you enjoy!

The antique corn dryer is in good condition and has ten spikes to accommodate ten traditional pieces of corn but I had more of an nontraditional idea in mind. The first pair of hand knit, wool baby mittens sports a chocolate brown and oatmeal color including cornflower blue and tan flecks. I used autumn prairie flowers as a colorful accent and tied them onto the front using hand-spun wool. The second pair of mittens lends an earthy squash green stripe with a pretty wheat contrasting stripe. These mittens were dressed with another variety of prairie flowers and were attached in the same manner.

The wee gourd bowl has been generously filled with pine cones, wispy yellow flowers and a felted acorn boasting a warm tan with whispers of green. The handle was fashioned from a cinnamon stick so this piece could be hung from the dryer and this fall offering, lends a great primitive look we all crave!

Lastly, I incorporated two gourds, one in a squash green color, wired them together and hung them from the bottom of the dryer. A piece of Indian corn that has the most wonderful dark brown and tan colors graces the top and was also wired to the dryer.

This autumn creation would be an appropriate fit to use as a nifty fireplace decoration or can also be hung on the front door or even a cupboard door too and will add interesting autumn charm to your homestead without delay! Enjoy!~

The corn dryer stands a little over 19" tall and each spike measures from 2 1/2" to about 2 3/4". The overall measurement across @ the widest point is 5 1/4". The baby mittens measure 3" across from thumb to the outside edge and are 4 1/2" tall. Indian Corn stands 10" Tall including the husk measurement and is 1 1/4" across the widest point @ the top just below the husk. The two gourds measured together are 3" across and stand 3 1/4" tall. The gourd bowl stands 2 3/4" Tall, measures 4 1/2" across filled & also 4" deep.

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