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Antique Cricket Box Large Size Unique with Wee Mouse Awesome


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What a fun Cricket Box this is that comes with a hand ~ crafted wee mouse peeking out of the hole! Too cute! This piece is sure to add whimsical charm to any country home immediately! Most cricket boxes are not as large as this one which limits the decorating possibilities. This box has it all and more! It can be set out with the door opening to the left or you can turn it around and have the door at the bottom, see images 8 & 9.

The old wire mesh screen is in good condition however, there is a small tear in the front and some of the screen has tiny spots of white randomly sprinkled throughout. The maker had vision for detail as reflected in the molding he used which adds such a finished look to the screened in areas. He also chose to use butterfly hinges which incorporates another really nice detailed feature.

There is plenty of dry attic surface wear to satisfy all primitive cravings, with interesting character knots to boot! Image 6 shows a piece of wood missing from the back however the color is consistent with the rest of the box which signifies this happened long ago.

Corrugated metal wafers were used as shown in images 7 & 14 near the nails to help create stability. A couple pieces of wood are missing as shown in images 6 & 7 from the back portion of the box near the edge. Image 14 reflects a "Make ~ Do" repair, as a small piece of wood was added to the outside edge on the back. Appropriate heavy nail bleed is also present.

A hole was created on the door while a round piece of barn red painted tin secures it so the crickets would not jump out. This circular tin piece can be opened and closed at will and also has a little tab closure. A simple metal latch shown in image 1, connects over the nail on the opposite side of the box.

Jenn, from Rabbit Hill Primitives, see her website on our "Links" page, made this fabulous wee mouse! He is just adorable as can be sporting an elephant grey color and is happy in his environment. When the door is open you can see his back side boasting a long tail! Sweet!

This unique cricket box is almost like owning a piece of furniture as it can certainly be used as a ~one of a kind~ cupboard.

If you decide to turn this piece upward so the screen is at the top, see image 9, with the vegetable cans, just add some books inside, stacked side by side until you are pleased with the height. Next, add whatever you would like to display so it shows through the screen, on top of the books and close the door. You may have to remove some of the books to allow for more room inside to accommodate the display object. Hold the display piece towards the top to gain more room so you can put the rest of the books back as they will not be visible behind the wood door.

This one of a kind piece is so special and will certainly add whimsy and fun to your homestead…immediately!! Enjoy!

The box stands 14" across, (laying down), 9 1/2" deep & measures 12"Tall. The inside measurement is 12 1/2" across, 11" Tall & 8 1/2" Deep.

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