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Antique Document Box Square Nails Oyster Paint with Lantern and Feather Gathering


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This 19th century document box has unsurpassed surface wear and shows whispers of several choice colors used long ago including vibrant salmon as shown in image 1. The undertones of this paint make for a remarkable piece with lots of character.

The small cut out lantern with electrified tea light, along with two real feathers, one turkey and one pheasant are also included in this interesting gathering. The document box was constructed using square nails (see images 12, 14 & 15) and sports an iron latch that is hinged and can be lifted up to open the box. The latch is a little loose and has side to side end play. However it is securely held on the box and does stay in place. The key is missing. The corners are rounded and smooth just like you would like to see in a item this old.

The inside reveals a separate piece of wood just above the opening used to reinforce the box by adding strength and durability as shown in image 9. Great feature! There is some wood loss on the left hand side where the hinge area is located and is only visible when the lid is open. This area was painted over in a rich chocolate brown and this paint is consistent throughout the inside of the box. A faint musty smell was present when I received the box however, I placed a dryer sheet inside along with airing it out by keeping the lid open to help mitigate this circumstance. There are no cracks or chips to report as this box was very well taken care of through the years. The form is wonderful and the desirable size will accommodate any area of your home splendidly!

I picked up this cute lantern locally and knew it would be a perfect marriage for this box, resting on the top. Age of the lantern is unknown but there is plenty of dark patina to satisfy everyone who loves primitive pieces. The tear drop style cutouts allow for plenty of light to escape and cast soft shadows on and around this box. The top of this lantern can be lifted up at will. The top or lid of the lantern has to be pushed down with a little force to entirely keep it in the closed position and the same holds true when trying to open it. A raised circular area in the bottom of the lantern was made for a votive or tea light candle and I took advantage of this feature by adding a lit tea light that is battery operated and comes with an "on and off switch" located at the bottom. There are a couple raised, creased areas located on the underside. The lantern can also be hung as there is a convenient ring at the top.

Two wonderful feathers act as "make ~do" pen quills and have been wrapped at the quill with aged string. They were chosen for the color and interest they bring to this gathering. You can certainly add these feathers in an old stoneware inkwell and set near the box for a neat display.

This box can also hold mail that can be concealed neatly and makes for a nice early presentation on top of a table. It can also be used in the kitchen with interesting cookbooks stacked off to the right or left. Spices can be placed inside near a stove for easy access! The display possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure…this gathering will add instant primitive magic to your homestead as soon as you receive it!! Enjoy!

The box measures 15 1/2" across, stands 7" tall and is 7 1/4" deep. The lantern stands 6" tall without the ring measurement & 7 3/4" tall including the ring and 3" across the bottom. Tea light candle measures 1 1/2" across and stands 1 1/2" tall to the tip of the flame. The Turkey feather measures 10 1/2" Tall and is 2" across @ the widest point. Pheasant feather is 7" Tall and 1 1/4" across @ the widest point.

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