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Antique Dough Bowl Large Size Wire Whisk Old Bakery For Your Pantry


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If you are looking for a large size wooden bowl you have come to the right place as this piece of treen measures a whopping 19" across! I am also including a large commercial wire whisk that was once used in a bakery! This pair lends such a primitive look that we all love and cherish.

This bowl is slightly out of round and has a very nice grain in the wood as you can clearly see the rings from the tree it was fashioned from, that appear opposite of each other. The surface wear on this piece is in part a dry attic finish on the bottom of the inside and the bottom of the outside as well. Some of the finish has a slight sheen located about half way up on the inside as referenced in image 5. My camera, regarding this image, picked up more of a cloudy white look but in reality this is more subdued. It does make perfect sense that the inside bottom of this bowl was worked more than the outer edges therefore the sheen is no longer present. I did use a little oil on the bottom where the dry attic appears to help blend in the colors on the side. There is no oily residue and you can also apply this when needed.

The edges of this bowl sports appropriate wear consistent with age and this also holds true for the bottom. There is also a bit of a subdued shiny finish on the bottom about half way up. The grain is very nice and the dry attic areas seem to be done in a "hit and miss pattern" randomly sprinkled throughout. Whispers of a chalky white substance can be seen on the bottom as this is the area that was exposed to more wear because it was frequently moved across the table. See image 8.

Dark and light striations are also present which adds so much character to this interesting piece of treen. There is a slight tight crack located on the bottom as shown in image 8 but only measures 3" long. One more tiny crack appears on the bottom but is slight and hard to see. Both of these cracks do show through on inside as well. Several very small chips are located on the outside edge of the rim but not a one reflects anything obtrusive.

The wire whisk comes with a "powerful heap" of olde fashioned charm! The plastic ecru handle had several small missing pieces and a few cracks. I used cheesecloth to acquire more of a primitive look and just wrapped it around this handle. Mission accomplished and what a difference it made! The wire is in good condition and lends a rich pewter color that we all appreciate. The size could not be better for the bowl and if you choose to, this whisk can also be hung as there is a loop at the top.

All in all this bowl and wire whisk are in good condition and would be a lovely piece to decorate with! You can set it on a bench or stool by the fireplace and generously fill with gourds or pumpkins for Autumn and use greens, pine cones and berries for the holidays too! This piece could also grace a farmhouse table with ease while making a grand statement that would be the focal point of the room! The bowl is heavy, was made to last and would be a nice addition to your country home! Enjoy!

The bowl measures 19" across, 17 1/2" across the opposite way and stands 6 1/4" tall. The wire whisk stands 17" tall including the wire loop hanger, (16" without the hanger measurement), measures 4 1/2" across @ the widest point @ the bottom & about 1" across the top of the handle.

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