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Antique Farmhouse Coffee Pot Grey Graniteware Nice Form For Your country Kitchen


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Can't you just imagine this darling coffee pot residing on top of an early wood burning stove, awaiting the dawns early light where it will certainly come in handy rendering fresh coffee to all? This little gem that dates from around the turn of the century sports great form and is in good condition! What a neat find!

The tin lid with a small wooden black knob lends so much primitive charm to the overall look. The knob does wiggle around a little but is secured in place by a tiny nut located on the underside. There is a small dent in the tin lid towards the back where the handle is located but does not seem to spoil the appearance of this great coffee pot. The mottled elephant grey pattern is tight and inconsistent which is what makes graniteware pieces such as these so unique!

There are some areas where the enamelware has chipped off which is a very common age ~ related occurrence. Several chips are located on the handle as shown in images 5 & 6. Another larger chip is visible directly under the handle toward the left as referenced in images 2 & 4. There are also several areas that reveal tin exposure on the bottom rolled lip too. The last tiny chip is located inside on the back of the pot just under the hinged lid as shown in image 11.

There is also a seam located in the back of the pot that is smooth as referenced in image 6. Did you notice the triangle design done with large holes on the inside where the coffee or other liquid would be poured to reach the spout area? Neat feature! The inside is in very good condition without any rusted out areas on the bottom to report! There is evidence of very faint surface rust on the inside edge about 1/16 of an inch around the circumference. The inside and outside bottom of this pot are in excellent condition boasting a beautiful mottled pattern!

I am sure if this little vessel could speak it would tell you many stories of "his" time living in a farmhouse kitchen, where mornings were especially busy! I am sure the nostalgia of this neat piece lending farmhouse charm will delight both you and your homestead for years to come! Plus, just think, this coffee pot can also have more stories to tell about your family! :) Enjoy!

The coffee pot stands 8 3/4" Tall (includes the wooden knob measurement), 8" Tall not including the knob measurement, 4" across the top and gradually flares out to 5 1/4" across the bottom, & 7 1/2" from the tip of the spout to the end of the curved handle.

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