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Antique Firkin Warm Patina


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What a great middle to late 19th century firkin that exhibits a squatty form along with delicious patina that is considered desirable. The pronounced finger laps are also a great feature and so is the tiny dovetailing located on the top edge of each individual stave as shown in images 16 through 20.

This firkin does have gentle Shaker characteristics though it cannot be confirmed if it is of the Shaker variety. The lid appears to be fashioned from oak yet the body is constructed from another type of wood. Large wooden banding makes for a unique piece and this element offers an unusual character trait. The surface is somewhat dry and there are faint whispers of original blue paint as referenced in images 4 & 10. Tiny nails were used on the fingers as well as the bands. Distinct mushroom shaped wooden buttons secure the oak swing handle which does move freely.

A portion of the elongated finger located near the bottom along with one nail is missing but the top finger remains intact as referenced in image 5. One of the staves has a little play but is still sturdy. There are three areas on top of the lid, near the edge that reflect wood loss as shown in image 11. A 4 1/2” vertical, small crack appears on the side of the lid near the end of the finger as referenced in image 4. Another 5” crack is present on the back of the lid near the top edge as well. In it’s defense this firkin is still in overall good condition and is stable despite cosmetic age related wear.

These utilitarian pieces were used on a daily basis and were placed in butteries to store various dairy, spirits and the like. This handsome bucket sporting detailed and fine craftsmanship would make any buttery or pantry proud to take up residence there among-st your other collection of fine primitives! Another idea is to use this in a stacked situation amid other firkin friends and what a showy and exciting presentation that would make! Enjoy!

Firkin stands 11” tall including the handle (7” without the handle), measures 9” across the top and measures 9 ½” across the bottom.

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