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Antique Hanging Cupboard Soldier Blue Paint Lit Spring Gathering


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This Antique Hanging Cupboard comes decorated and includes the full contents, as pictured. All you have to do is set it out and immediately enjoy!

I found this Cupboard locally here in Pennsylvania and even though the condition is a little rough it still displays well and has charming character. The door is missing however the hardware is still in place. There are some areas of wood loss as shown in images 4 & 9 at the top front right corner, on the right side near the back, image 5 & 6, and on the left side near the back at the bottom, image 7 & 8. Some paint loss is apparent on the bottom as shown in image 10. The soldier blue paint is still strong with appropriate surface wear. Nail bleed is also evident throughout lending another neat feature.

The inside of this cupboard, as referenced in image 2, was never painted. There are some areas on the bottom shelves including one more area in the back left of the second cubby that posses a dark discoloration. In the cupboard's defense it still does have great form with the various sized cubbies and does sport a desirable primitive look!

A generous piece of 19th century homespun was placed on the top shelf with a beautiful, scented beeswax lamb, sporting a single bell collar as an accent. This small checked, woven textile is in good condition and the colors consist of a soft bittersweet, warm grey blue with striking oatmeal contrasting lines. There are some tiny holes sprinkled randomly throughout as this piece may have been removed from a quilt at one point but are hard to detect unless you hold it up to the light. Image 18 is a close up of the weave while image 19 shows the standard inconsistency when loomed. The back does have some fading as referenced in images 20 & 21 however the front does have strong color.

An antique grater was added to the bottom left cubby along with an old brown, ribbed designed bottle filled with springtime dried flowers and berries. I was able to figure out a way to bring light into the grater and also elevate it to fit the size of this area. Small LED lights solved the lighting problem while old clothespin legs gained the height needed. When lit this grater looks just awesome especially during the evening hours as it brings interest to the entire piece. The grater is in good condition and is unusual because the opening almost resembles a closed oval shape which is not commonly found. This grater was blessed with a pleasing dark surface that may not generally be common with other pieces of tin ware. See images 14 & 15.

The small egg basket on the left cubby was fashioned from a seed starting pot that was dry brushed with paint. An old image depicting, "Nest & Eggs", was created as a label for the front, backed on aged cotton fabric and then hand stitched. Prairie grass allows a nice resting place for the real quail eggs boasting a robins' egg blue and buttermilk with chocolate brown specks. A handle was created from a cinnamon stick and wire.

Lastly, early books grace the bottom left opening adding color and interest as shown in image 24. The first book entitled, "Elements of Rhetoric and Composition dated, 1878 & 1884 has an attractive cover with black stylized flowers gracing the left corner and is in good condition. There is a tear located at the bottom of the leather spine.

The second book dated 1845 entitled, " A Sequel to Webster's Elementary Spelling book or A Speller and Definer" is basically a dictionary using short, concise meanings. Nice Amish blue paper cover with a small piece of the first page missing at the top. There is some paper loss on the front as shown in image 27 however the cloth spine is a real treat.

The third book covers poetry of the seasons and is dated 1842. Handsome nutmeg brown leather cover with embossed scroll designs on the front and back. Book is entitled, "Seasons" by James Thompson and is in very good condition.

The last book offered with this set is a Holy Bible, containing the Old & New Testaments. There is an inscription written on the first page of the inside cover dated "1908". The black leather cover has a simple five pointed gold star in the middle. As shown in image 31 the bottom left corner has been torn off as well as evident fraying on the edges. This bible was apparently read quite a bit through the years.

There are two holes in the back of this cupboard for hanging however this piece would also look wonderful on top of a dresser or a table. The flood gates are wide open releasing plenty of primitive charm with this unique gathering that is sure to welcome a breath of fresh "springtime" air in your homestead! Enjoy!

The cupboard stands 18" Tall, 15" across (right to left) and 6 1/4" Deep. Antique Grater overall height, including the clothespin legs is 8 1/4" by 1 1/2" front to back (depth). Piece of early homespun measures 17 3/4" by 17", almost square. Adorable Beeswax Lamb is 3" Long by 1" deep. Antique brown bottle stands 13" Tall including the dried flowers and is 1" Deep. Primitive Egg Basket (seed starter pot) is 4" Tall including the bail handle, 3 1/2" across the top opening & 2" across the bottom. Books are various sizes and were chosen to obtain a graduated look. Largest book measures 7 1/2 " top to bottom, 5" across (right to left) & is 1" thick. Smallest book (bible) is 5 1/2" top to bottom, 3 3/4" across (right to left) & is 1" thick.

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