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Antique Heart Cookie Cutter Collection Fries Strap Handle


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Just imagine a kitchen filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies laden on a farmhouse table. The various tin shapes of these cutters are all tempting but today the huswife chose the hearts. Her efforts and end result are sprinkled on this breadboard for all to enjoy! Yum!

Cookie cutters were manufactured after the close of the civil war and made by several companies including, "Fries", which is offered here in this collection. Traditionally, marked cutters bearing the name of the company hold more value than unmarked pieces. See image 5. This cutter is large and has the rolled lip edge. The strap handle has been soldered on the outside edges and there is a break in this solder at the top of the heart as seen in image 6. When picked up by the handle this piece is still secure as the tin is very thick.

The second cutter has a strap handle with a outside rolled lip. There is also a brace on the left side to act as a support for the cutter. A small crease can be seen on the left hand side as shown in image 7. The tin is thinner than the "Fries" cutter and does have nice wear. The last piece in this collection is a cake or sandwich cutter and is about 1 3/4" High. There is a tiny pushed in crease on the bottom left near the point. A small amount of rust can also be seen on the inside upper portion of the cutter as seen in image 8. The top has a nice rolled lip.

These early tin pieces are in wonderful condition and have that darkened aged look we all like to see! Hearts are always popular and add so much charm to our pantries. All of these cutters have a piece of small wire at the top attached with hot glue for hanging. You could certainly remove this if you would rather set them in a old dough bowl.

Three is normally a crowd but in this case it inspires a nice instant collection that look wonderful together! The huswife insists that her special ~Sugar Cookie~ Recipe will be included in this offering. Happy Baking! :)

The "Fries" tin measures a generous 4" from the top of the heart to the bottom point, 3 1/2" across the widest point and 3" High including the handle. The heart tin with strap handle is 2 3/4" from the top of the heart to the bottom point, 2 3/4" across the widest point & 2 1/2" High including the handle. Lastly, the tin cake cutter measures 3" from the top of the heart to the bottom point, 2 3/4" across the widest point & 1 3/4" High. Enjoy!

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