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Antique Homespun Apron Brown Check


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Apron’s such as this one were used quite often and this textile seems to have all the earmarks of once residing in a farmhouse. It carefully dried children’s tears, held feed for the chickens so it could be scattered near the coop and also aided in keeping clothes clean in the kitchen when preparing meals. This endearing textile dating to the late 19th to early 20th century just begs for a cupboard door to call home in your kitchen or pantry.

It is entirely hand stitched and in very good condition. This is a full size, long apron that must have been worn by someone who was tall. The homespun fabric sports a brown and oyster color that will fit in with any color scheme. There are some light stains as shown including one on the tie but there are no rips or holes to report. It definitely shows well and exhibits long ties as well as being cared for albeit the condition!

You can also recreate a farmhouse look by adding a leather fly swatter, straw hat, etc. hung near the door as these items could stand at the ready and grabbed when needed. This great textile would also look perfect hanging from a shaker peg rack dressed with other textiles such as bonnets, quilted skirts and dresses. Just a fun piece to decorate with by lending charm to your homestead. Enjoy!

Apron stands 36 ¼”, measures 50 ¼” across the hem (bottom) and measures 20” across the waist (not including the ties).

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