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Antique Ice Skates Old Sweet Child's Mittens and Candleholder Winter Cabin Gathering


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This unusual gathering will lend whimsical charm to your homestead for the winter months ahead! When I designed this I thought of a log cabin out in the woods on a snowy day. The winter elements used coincide with this theme and include antique ice skates that offer a fun activity, a "Make ~ Do" candle holder and of course the Child's mittens that lend warmth and coziness to the overall look.

I was fortunate enough to find this wonderful old mini pallet and thought it would be a nice backdrop for this offering. The wood has a fantastic aged look to it and could not be any more primitive if it tried! Appropriate nail bleed along with a warm nutmeg surface equals a very special piece! The open areas are a great feature because when you place this on the wall you will be able to see the color behind it.

Antique ice skates were chosen for fun and the star cut out on both of the skates is not typical but indeed desirable! They are marked, "U.S. Club" just above the star area. The leather heels were missing when I purchased these and it worked out splendidly because if they were intact the skates would have been too bulky for the pallet backdrop.

They have a wing nut that runs parallel to the threaded rod used for adjusting the size of the recipients foot and are in very good condition, free of deep scratches. The painted surface is also pretty keen! I used jute to hold the pair together so they slightly graduate and hung them with red yarn over the top secured by a nail in the back. A whisper of greens and berries accent the front.

I incorporated a candle holder that hangs off to the left using an old fluted cone shaped tart tin from England. I wrapped aged cheesecloth around the cone base held together in part by glue and it is also wire wrapped around the greens to secure it. A candle rubbed with spices was just placed inside to offer a warm and inviting feel especially after one has been out in the cold skating all day! Brrrr.

Of course the hand ~ knit Childs mittens were added for the cozy look they lend. They are a soft oatmeal color with a berry red stripe at the top and the condition is very good without any odors or holes to report. The little bows on the mittens were a result of not using any glue as they were strategically tied to the greens so they would not fall forward and are secure. You can always remove them if you wish.

All of the artificial greens, some sprinkled with snow and faux ice crystals along with berries were wired on and not glued to the wooden pallet either. The same holds true for everything used in this offering. Wiring does take longer to do but the heavy items require this procedure. I did add a little screw behind the mittens and also drilled a hole for this purpose.

You really do not need a saw tooth hanger for this piece as you can just hang it directly under the top piece of wood as it is deep and runs horizontally across the pallet.

This unique gathering would look awesome just above your fireplace mantle, on a protected entry door, or anywhere of your choosing! One of a kind primitive creation that will fill your homestead with winter wonderland magic while you stay cozy warm inside by a roaring it should be! Quick get the marshmallows! Enjoy!

The pallet measures 13" across, 13" deep and about 1" thick. Candle holder stands 6" Tall including the candle measurement and about 4" tall without the candle, and about 2" across the widest point. The Ice Skates are 12 1/2" Tall and 3" across @ the widest point where the ball of the foot would go. The sweet Child's Mittens are 5 1/2" Tall with the cuff rolled over, 6 1/2" without the cuff & 2 1/2" across the widest point front the thumb to the edge of outermost edge of the mitten.

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