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Antique Inspired Feather Tree with Acorns Pine cones Rustic Accents


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I had a nice phone conversation the other day with a customer who is now a dear friend and asked her what style of decorating she would like to have in her home for the holidays. Her reply was, natural and rustic. Well, Rita thanks for the feedback which inspired me to design this next offering! I do listen!

Like Rita, I also love the outdoor look using natural ingredients that capture an enchanting winter indoors! This antique inspired feather tree has an authentic look and was hand wrapped with paper in keeping to tradition. The wooden spool base has been wrapped with aged cheesecloth and really adds character. The base has been painted a buttermilk color and lightly sanded.

There are alternating red little berries and brown flowers attached to the end of each branch. The overall height is perfect for a cozy corner in your home, not too small but large enough to make a statement where ever it is placed. There are five branches that are spaced about 2 to 3" apart which gives this tree a non conforming primitive look.

The middle part, or trunk of this tree is comprised of a single dowel. Care needs to be taken when packed away as well as straightening because the dowel could snap when pressure is applied. This dowel however will keep it's shape therefore straightening will not be needed. The branches can indeed be pushed up when packed away and gently unfolded when Christmas arrives again next year!

I designed three different styles of ornaments that were made especially for this tree. First, I used acorns for their color and texture. The tops were individually drilled so a small piece of string could be inserted and used as a hanger. The pine cones were done in the same fashion boasting acorn tops.

My squirrels deserve credit for the next ornament as they hollowed out several Macadamia Nuts and abandoned them under my tree. These were gathered in September to be used as little baskets for tree ornaments. Two holes were drilled on each side to accommodate a piece of string that acts as the hanger. They were then filled with moss and dried pyracantha from my garden. Sweet Annie was also added for color and interest.

A small branch of dried Eucalyptus Pods adorn the top tied with chocolate brown homespun wool. You will receive (9) Acorns, (7) Pine cones and (6) Macadamia Nuts for a total of (22) ornaments!

I hope this tree will find a wonderful home and you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating this from natures bounties found on the forest floor! Oh, and don't worry, the squirrels have plenty of nuts left to last them though the winter as I see them out everyday digging in their hiding places for their newly found treats. Enjoy!

The tree measures 20 1/2" Tall. The bottom branches are 5" Long and graduate to 4 1/2" for the second level, the third set of branches measure 4", the fourth set of branches are 3" & the last set of branches are 2 1/2" Long. The base is almost 2 1/2" across. The acorn ornaments vary in size and are 2" or larger. The pine cone ornaments also vary in size and are about 3". Lastly the Macadamia Nut ornaments are 2" tall and the bowl size will vary.

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