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Antique Marking Sampler Signed Green and Red Stitching Christmas


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This late 19th Century Sampler is absolutely stunning and the workmanship is very neatly executed. The detail is what really catches your eye as the intricate designs separating the first line of letters from the second is really special. There is a little "Greek Key" design above the numbers and a nice upside down "U" shape with a little cross floating in the center. The capital letters done in almost a Gothic or Old English style near the bottom are fancy and really give importance to the overall design.

The thread colors chosen by the maker, "Elizabeth Haladay", are crimson and sage, very effective and striking with the linen background contrast. There are about four tiny age spots, the size of a pin head and do not detract from the overall piece. No rips, tears or breaks in the fabric or thread are present. This has been very well preserved and was even mounted under non~reflective glass.

The frame is just wonderful as it has a whisper of grain painting style that is apparent in the wood. Mitered corners are held together with two tiny countersunk nails in four places to add strength and durability. This frame could have been distressed to add that ~olde time worn look~ that all love! The top upper left hand side of the frame is a little discolored and has a dry finish compared to the rest of the frame but is limited to a 2 1/2" area. Please see image 7. The pine knot at the very top of the frame is barely visible but does add character. There is a separate small piece surrounding the inside of the frame and boasts a black color that makes the sampler really stand out. The left portion of this piece has some paint loss limited to a 1" area only.

The back of the frame has been taped and the wire hanger is secured using two small eye hooks. There is only a little portion of the tape that is lifted on the upper left corner but the rest is in place.

Can you just see this piece in your home for the holidays! My goodness what attention it would bring to any room! Just an outstanding piece that is showy and worthy of an important resting spot in your home!

Measurements are 15 1/4" across by 16" Tall & 3/4" thick. Enjoy!

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