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Antique Noggin Primitive 19th Century Great Piece of Treen from Virginia's Eastern Shore


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This wonderful antique noggin is hand-carved out of one piece of wood and was found on Virginia's Eastern Shore. It measures about 6 1/2" high and is about 41/2" wide measuring from handle to side. Commonly used in taverns as a 1/2 pint liquid measure, this piece if filled half full (as seen by the water line inside) holds just that amount. If filled to the very top, however, it will hold one full pint; but there would certainly be some unappreciated beverage loss due to sloshing as the vessel was carried or moved on the table! There is some very slight wear to the rim but so little that it is barely noticeable - otherwise it is in beautiful condition. These pieces are hard to find and this one would make a beautiful addition to your early treen collection.

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