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Antique Pennsylvania Hand Carved Tasting Spoon Bird Finial Unique


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Want to spice up your homestead with unique Pennsylvania flavor……then this next offering may be something you want to consider! This wonderful spoon with the best patina was found near Lancaster Pennsylvania and with the charming carved bird attribute located at the top, I believe this piece has Pennsylvania Dutch roots.

The spoon was hand carved out of one piece of wood and the experienced carver certainly did a great job! This unusual spoon can actually be considered a piece of folk art because of the style and awesome bird. There are two notches that terminate below the bird located in the front as shown in images 1& 3 which again adds detail by the carver.

This spoon has a very long handle which was carved into the bowl. There is some wood loss to the bowl on the left hand side as a thin slice of wood is missing as shown in images 5, 8 & 9. The outer edges of the bowl are uneven due to slight wood loss through time and the thin edges seem to be the culprit as compared to the middle of the bowl which is much thicker. Image 5 shows a small chip repair that was saved and glued back together near the bottom edge of the bowl.

This bird is as happy as can be as his mouth is open seemingly “engulfed in song” and will bring happiness to you and your homestead! This spoon also has a hanging hook mimicking a “C” shape and can be positioned inside a small opening to secure it. The spoon is smooth to the touch from years of use and has a nice nutmeg hue surface.

I can envision a homespun apron hanging off to the side with this long spoon placed nearby which will create a wonderful early look instantly. Another idea is to place the spoon in a tall crock with the bird finial sticking out where he can keep an eye on the comings and goings! Wonderful decorating possibilities abound and this charming Pennsylvania piece of folk art will certainly make you smile every time you look pass by! Enjoy!

Spoon stands almost 25” tall and this includes the top of the birds head, hook opening measures ¾” while the bowl measures 3 ¼” across (right to left) and 4 ½” tall.

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