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Antique Pennsylvania Rye Straw Basket Large Size with Sunflowers


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Just in time for autumn, I would like to present this awesome fine example of a primitive coiled, Pennsylvania Rye Basket filled with huge sunflowers that will instantly add autumn magic to either your farmhouse or cozy country home! This offering was so tempting I had a hard time deciding whether or not I wanted to list it but my head seemed to rule the day! :)

Rye baskets are ever so popular and can be quite expensive. I was able to buy this one at a reasonable price so I am passing the savings along to you! These types of baskets were fashioned from rye because they resisted rot and repelled pesky rats. Women also used these baskets in the kitchen for bread dough rising. I have never seen one quite this large and oh, the decorating possibilities are endless.

The warm honey tones in the straw compliment and set off the darker weave seamlessly. The pattern of the weave is simple yet intricate at the same time which spells interest and lends soft, time worn appeal. There are some areas on the rim that have some straw loss along with breaks in the weave as shown in images 4, 5, 6 & 10. This basket is also a smidge out of round, however it really did keep its shape very well throughout the years! Gee, I wonder how many of us can say that! Yikes!

There are no stains or odors present in this remarkable basket dating from the late 19th century to the early turn of the century. This handmade piece is strong and durable as it was made to last!

The sunflowers are locally grown here in Pennsylvania and boy they sure are big! It must be all the rain we have had so far. I placed three in this basket when I got home and was so pleased to find they fit perfectly and look very cozy in their new home! Two of the sunflowers still have the fuzzy material on top and I left this feature because it adds interest to the overall look but you can certainly remove it. Just be careful when doing so as the areas behind it are sharp.

When autumn is at a close you can certainly fill this with greens and mittens as a convenient reminder to leave near the door or place a Belsnickle inside surrounded by greenery, that will make an unusual arrangement for the holidays, presented at the table. Just a splendid basket, "to have and to hold"! Enjoy!

Basket stands 4 3/4" tall, measures 16" diameter, (across the top) & 15 3/4" across the opposite way.

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