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Antique Primitive 1800's Hand Carved Treen Scoop Lignum Vitae with Old Lye Soap


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What a fantastic find from Southern Virginia that boasts unusual hand ~ carved detail. This piece is very heavy and fashioned from Lignum Vitae wood. Did you know that Lignum Vitae means "long life" in Latin and is associated with the "Tree of Life" name? This is one of the heaviest and densest woods in the world and will actually sink when placed in water. It also resists rot caused by insects and moisture. In the early colonial days this long lasting, durable and hard wood was used for mortars & pestles along with other treenware main ~ stays.

This piece has roots from the 1800's and the color is very similar to a deep cinnamon as it has a slight red hue. Dry attic finish seems to rule the day and the carving was crudely done. The form is just wonderful, oval in shape and is fashioned from one piece of wood. The stubby handle is flared out and may have been cut at one point as the wood is a different color than the rest of the piece as can be seen in image 4. This also holds true near this area as there is about 1/16" of a gap that is vertical to the handle on both sides.

A crack on the bottom near the edge made it's way upward to the side of the scoop however, the crack is tight and does not effect the integrity of the piece. Three other areas reflect some wood loss as can be seen in images 6, 7 & 8 but the wood underneath is dark and blends in with the overall color of the piece. Other age cracks are apparent but coincide with the age of the scoop and add that time ~ worn look we all love!

There are also about three burn marks present as shown in images 2, 3 & 7. This scoop would be a nice fit for that interesting "Tavern Look" we find so charming or can be used in a Wash Room too, filled with the olde Lye Soap chunk that comes with this purchase. A "Buttery" also comes to mind and this unique scoop can hold Dry Goods like peas, small pumpkins and the like. No primitive home should be without this fantastic piece that will enhance your current treenware collection! Enjoy!

Scoop measures 8 1/4" Long including the handle, 6 1/4" without & 4" Tall. The total distance around the scoop is 20 1/2". Inside measures almost 4 1/4" across by 3 3/4". Old Lye Soap chunk piece is 4 1/8" across, 1 1/8" Tall by 3 1/4" .

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