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Antique Primitive 19th Century Wooden Dough Bowl and Butter Paddle


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This neat turned bowl has a whisper of oyster paint on the bottom and traces can be found under the raised rim. The turnings can clearly be seen but the surface is smooth to the touch. It almost has a smidge of a whitewash appearance however the surface color resembles a pickle pine hue. There is a little rough area on the flat bottom with some scratches as well as a small indentation. The wear however is wonderful and there are no cracks or chips to report.

The inside of the bowl has a soft chestnut color but does gently fade toward the base which is a lighter color. The turnings can clearly be seen on the inside of the bowl as well. A dry attic finish seems to prevail throughout this piece with appropriate surface wear to the inside and edges. There are some rough areas on the rim that do not detract and the good news is this bowl is out of round! The inner surface is smooth and has faint chop marks inside.

I was able to find a wonderful butter paddle that has almost the same light color as the bowl and will come with this purchase. The paddle is also smooth to the touch and has turned almost a buttermilk color from years of use working with butter. There is a small crack on the front about a 1/2" long and does show through on the back as well. A very small chip is present on the edge of the left hand side and there are some horizontal scratches that appear on the inside as well. Hand carved with a large notched end, this paddle promises not to slip into the bowl.

Bowls and paddles are so sought ~ after as they are a primitive decorating staple and one can never have too many of these! Each piece lends it's own character and adds olde~fashioned charm to our Buttery's & kitchens. This set would definitely compliment your collection and has roots from the 19th Century! Enjoy!

Bowl measures almost 11" across the widest point (horizontal) and 10 1/4" across the perpendicular area & is almost 2 1/4" tall. The paddle is 8 1/2" Tall and is 5" across @ the widest point.

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