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Antique Primitive Apothecary Ten Drawer Box


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It all starts with an idea as referenced in the last image 23 and what a grand buttery this is! This fabulous 10 Drawer Box could actually be the first piece you use to create your buttery shelves surrounded by this striking focal point! It promises to come with oodles of character and plenty of surface wear that will satisfy your primitive cravings splendidly!

When I saw this piece at market, it had a shiny varnish on the surface that really took away any primitive character you would like to see but the form was great so I purchased it anyway. With a little hard work, I was able to remove the shine and the character now really shines through, no pun intended, in a big way. The drawer fronts are so interesting because they sport different colors and grains in the wood. The sides and the top of this box lend soft ridges in the wood that also lends powerful interest and charm as shown in image 4. All of the drawers are divided as shown in image 12 except one, which is located on the bottom left. The knobs do show appropriate wear as they have been used though the years. One of the knobs apparently had a little mishap at one point and only half remains as referenced in image 15 but what character it has! Image 16 reflects a recessed small area that is darker in color than the rest of the drawer fronts.

Whoever the maker was did a great job as attention to detail was important as referenced in image 7. The small piece of wood located in the middle front was placed into a notch on the top and bottom boards. The same holds true for the back. Another interesting feature is that all of the drawer fronts have a "feathered" or chamfered edge which creates a streamlined, finished appearance to the overall look. Round nails were used to hold the wood in place and there is appropriate nail bleed surrounding each one as shown in image 18. Tiny nails were chosen for the drawers and no bleed is present as they were not exposed to the elements.

There is a tight crack on the bottom of this box as shown in image 20 and also a raised area that has a crack on the inside bottom left side but only shows when the drawer is removed. One more crack is visible on the left side near the top as shown in images 5 & 6.

Overall this piece is in good condition and is very heavy and well made. It sports an impressive look as the drawer fronts are large and are equal to each other. The deep rich chocolate brown color is very appealing and I can definitely envision this in a place of importance where it will take center stage! It all starts with an idea and if you do decide to use this as your first purchase for your buttery, please send pictures along when you are done so I can post them on our site!! Enjoy!

The box stands 19 1/2" Tall, a little shy of 14" across from right to left, & measures 5 1/2" Deep. The drawer fronts measure 6 1/4" across, 4 1/4" Tall (up and down) & measures 5 1/2" Deep!

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