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Antique Primitive Authentic Shoo Fly Screen Great Condition with Gingerbread Hearts


Regular price $75.50

It's a New Year and as luck would have it I was able to find some great things at market this week! I wanted to present this first as it is so unique and a rare find indeed! What I especially liked about this screen is the wooden knob with a metal decorative washer underneath!! Super neat!

These authentic Shoo Fly Screens are getting harder to find especially in good condition. This cover was used to protect food and what a clever idea!

This screen is a nice medium size and there are no holes to report. It has certainly kept it's "shape" through the years and what a feat considering this piece is over 100 years old. The even dark patina on the screen is just what you want to see in a piece this old. No surface rust to report either. One small indentation in the screen appears on the side near the bottom. A small piece of tin holds the screen in place and there are two small indentations that can be seen on the inside.

The wooden knob in black paint as mentioned before, is just so attractive and gives overall character to this piece. The metal washer has a raised design of what appears to be small daisy petals repeated that form a circle. There is a little hex nut that secures the washer and knob from use.

The pair of Gingerbread Hearts also comes with this purchase and were decorated and baked in my kitchen, just in time for Valentine's Day! They look just awesome under the screen! A fabulous piece to add to your pantry that will "shoo the fly's" away from your baked goods! Enjoy!

The screen measures 7 1/4" across the bottom and is almost 6" Tall including the knob.

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