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Antique Primitive Breadboard with Rolling Pin


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Breadboards are so popular that they have become a staple for our primitive pantry's. This breadboard comes with a wonderful rolling pin and was found in Central Virginia. The notched end construction on the board has held together very well considering this piece dates to the turn of the century. The chocolate brown color on the rolling pin is a nice compliment to the maple color on the board.

Five pieces of wood were used in the center of the board and there are two ends that hold these pieces together securely. Three wooden pegs can be seen on the back, right end of the board and one peg on the left, see images 7 & 12. As shown in image 7 there are three little indentations on the edge of the right hand side but have darkened with age. There is also some dark discoloration on the back end of the board as can be seen in image 11.

The top of the board has two dark rings as shown in image 6. One ring is larger than the other and there are chop marks apparent on both sides. There are two places where the notched end is raised from the edge of it's counterpart but the other two notches are smooth to the touch. See images 10 & 4. The corners reflect the perfect amount of wear.

The rolling pin was made from one piece of wood and is light weight. What wonderful grain this has with interesting markings. There is a hole on one end only and a couple little indentations shaped like a eyebrow on the top of the pin.

A little mineral oil was used on both of these pieces to enhance the wood grain and there is no oily residue. Just a great set that will spruce up your pantry with that olde ~ fashioned primitive charm we all love! Enjoy!

Measurements are 19 3/4" across, almost 14" Deep & 1/2" Thick. The Rolling Pin is 15 3/4" Long, about 1 1/2" thick & 2" High.

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