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Antique Primitive Candle Mold Hand Knit Doll Gloves and Greens


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"It's beginning to look allot like Christmas".... song was dancing around in my head when I came up with the idea to add these darling red doll gloves and greens to the front of this early candle mold. The primitive candy cane candles I found that also come with this offering, add just the right amount of color needed to spruce up the dark tin mold.

This 8 tube constructed candle mold does has a large applied, nicely curved handle and a raised base that you don't commonly see. The dark finish is desirable as it sports an early primitive look we all are so fond of. This piece has several soldered areas that were crucial in the construction process to hold the tin in place. See image 6, 8 & 9. There are two dents on the front side of the mold with some loss of patina as shown in images 4 & 5. This candle mold also rocks back and forth but does stand on it's own just fine, thank you very much! Other than that, the condition is very good and the aged surface could not be better!

The red vintage hand ~ knit doll gloves are just as cute as can be and have a showy white snowflake in the center that lends a whisper of the Nordic Isles. These gloves are in very good condition without any holes or odors to report. The color is strong and the craftsmanship is stunning! I placed a couple sprigs of white frosted greens in the top to add Christmas magic! These gloves were then tied to the preserved cedar using old turkey red thread. A string holds this ensemble in place wrapped around one of the tubes and tied. You can easily remove this after the holidays if you wish as nothing was glued.

Eight lightly scented candy cane nubs that have been rubbed with cinnamon really enhance the look at top of the mold. I used cheesecloth to wrap the bottom of each candle as they were too small for the holes provided in the mold and actually fell in!

This unique candle mold would be such a great decorating piece for the holidays, as it is versatile and will fit in nicely with any room in your homestead with ease! I can envision this placed on a window sill to light the way for guests on a snowy Christmas Eve! Enjoy!

The candle mold stands almost 11 1/2" Tall, 8" from the end of the curved handle to the front, 6" without the handle measurement & also 6" across the bottom, 3 3/4" deep (Top & Bottom measurement). The doll gloves are 4" Tall by 2 1/2" across. The candles vary a little in size but are approximately 2 3/4" Tall.

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