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Antique Primitive Cubby Bittersweet Paint with Drawer


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There is a mouse in this cubby house! EEK...But rest ~ assured, he is friendly and was hand ~ made by Jenn of Rabbit Hill Primitives, (see the Links page that will take you directly to her website)! Thanks Jenn!

I found this wonderful antique cubby box boasting bittersweet paint that is equipped with four sectioned compartments. It also has a unique thumb hole on the right side for convenience as carrying this piece would be easier. Jenn's wee mouse took up residence there as this cubbies larder is well stocked with an authentic sugar cone in case he gets hungry. His little head poking out of the hole can be seen in image 10 as he eyes the dried corn in a bowl just below him with delight! His bedchamber consists of a separate antique drawer filled with prairie grass where he will be kept nice and warm among-st the small gourd eggs. Ah, what a life! No mortgage or taxes to pay and he does not even have to do the grocery shopping! Love that!

This gathering also includes an old Princine Baking Powder Tin filled with beautiful dried goldenrod harvested from a Midwestern farm, an authentic sugar cone accented with broom corn, cloves and cheesecloth, a late 1800's round crimped edged cookie cutter sporting a strap handle, an olde Kerr pint jar filled with Spiced Harvest Plums topped with aged cheesecloth, antique drawer filled with gourds and cinnamon sticks and of course Jenn's mouse which is the "ta ~ da" factor! The dried carrots that appear on the top of the box are NOT included in this gathering.

All of the above mentioned items are in very good condition without any issues to report except there is light surface rust on the inside of the cookie cutter, see images 25 & 26 . The box itself has a warm bittersweet paint, one of my favorites and the true color can be seen in images 9 & 10. This cubby is strong, heavy and well made! The back, image 9, shows some writing done in black but I can't make out what it is. There are also some indentations in the wood, referenced in image 8 on the back side corner that happened long ago from use, as the patina is still strong. Round nail construction with appropriate nail bleed in the wood can be seen in images 5, 6 & 7. The wear on this box is fabulous and it could not muster up any more primitive charm if it tried! What a smart mouse to find such a great home!

Speaking of the little mouse, I also am including a darling image I found that depicts an early hand drawn scene with a mouse confined in a trap but the good news is he has a friend that can be seen above the cage that is there to help him escape! Please see image 32. All's well that ends well! This image is backed with old wool and antiqued to perfection. There is a piece of homespun wool string that can be attached to the sugar cone if you so desire.

This unusual gathering is one of a kind and awaits your cozy home with anticipation! Whimsically inspired and filled with primitive treasures, including an adorable wee mouse, this gathering is sure to please even the "faint of heart"! :) Enjoy!

The box measures 14 1/4" across, 10" Tall & 5" Deep, Inside Right cubby is 8" across, 4 1/2" Tall & 4" Deep, Inside Left cubby is 4" Across, 4 1/2" Tall & 4" Deep. The Antique Drawer is 6" across the front, 2 1/2" Tall & 4 3/4" Deep. The old Princine Baking Powder Tin stands 3 1/2" Tall & has a 3" diameter. The early Tin Cookie Cutter is 3 1/2" diameter, 1" Tall Not including the Handle & 2" Including the Handle measurement. Sugar Cone is 3" Tall, 1 1/2" Bottom diameter & 1" Top diameter. Old Kerr Pint Jar with spiced plums stands 3 1/2" Tall and has a 3" diameter. Finally the wee mouse is almost 3" across & measures 1" from the hump in the back, (top) to the bottom ~ laying down position.

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