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Antique Primitive Maple Dough Bowl Trencher


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Oh my goodness! I am just so taken with this fabulous Antique Primitive Maple Dough Bowl that has such a great rich honey color finish! Maple is such a wonderful wood and has characteristics of detailed graining that I find very appealing. It has a hint of that tiger maple look which is fabulous.

The bowl is smooth to the touch and fashioned from one piece of wood. This trencher shows indications of wear in several places that portray nicks and indentations which have darkened with age. There are about six darker circular spots on the inside of the bowl that resemble a dry berry color mixed with nutmeg. The small oval handles on each end have convenient holes crudely done in the center. One handle has a small crack in the center of this hole but is still very sturdy! Both handles have cracks on the underside. There is also a 2" area, on the back, that has white marks just visible at the base.

Overall condition is very good as most of these dough bowls usually are found with large cracks on the rim that proceed downward to the side of the piece but not in this case! The bottom of the bowl has a little sheen however, the inside has a matt finish which is just what you want to see in a bowl that dates to the late19th Century.

The hole at both ends in the handle can be used to hang and would make a very nice display piece. This trencher has so many decorating possibilities as you can fill it with seasonal ~Dry Goodes~ that would make a smashing centerpiece on a farm table. Holiday greens comes to mind with fresh winterberries or pyracantha. ~(A friendly reminder to be careful if you have pets as pyracantha is poisonous)~.

Just a fantastic primitive with a awesome honey color that will add charm and importance to your home!

Generous size measuring 2 1/2 feet Long, Handles included, and (the Handles are about 1 1/4" in length), by 13 1/4" across the middle & 3 1/2" Tall. Enjoy!

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