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Antique Primitive Paddle With Make Do Repair Sugar Cone Hen Cookie Cutter Gathering


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This interesting one of a kind gathering is sure to please all that love the primitive look especially in the kitchen. You will receive the old paddle, sugar cone, hen cookie cutter and beeswax star along with two cinnamon sticks.

When I found this paddle it needed a little help so Harry performed surgery that rendered amazing results! He added a tin make do repair that wraps around the top edge and did such a nice job that you would not even know this paddle had any cosmetic surgery done at all. The form of the paddle could not be better as it was hand carved out of one piece of wood and is large enough to hold the items I gathered.

It is a little rough as shown in image 5 on the outer most edge but is smooth to the touch and also possess several holes in the back as referenced in image 7, just below the tin. However in its defense the areas in and around the holes have been seasoned with an age related dark surface that adds wonderful character. There is also a crack on the front side of the paddle as pictured in image 4.

A pleasing dark surface can be seen in image 8 on the outer most edge of the left side. There are about 4 tiny holes on the top of the handle about the size of a pin head and one hole located on the back about 1 1/2" from the top. The rich dry attic surface lends a very interesting patina sporting dark areas with a deep nutmeg ground appearance especially on the front.

The handle has worn areas of a soft black with hints of a lighter contrasting surface that is just fabulous! There are some rough edges and small gouges on the sides that equate to consistent use probably on an everyday basis.

The sugar cone is authentic and the deep molasses color just can't be beat as shown in images 17 & 18! I used an old feed sack to fashion a round base where the sugar cone rests. Early peas were placed forming a circle on the outside edge of the sugar cone and really lend interest and color to the overall look. A piece of aged cheesecloth was tied in the middle of the cone.

A proud hen cookie cutter called "Henrietta" dates to the later part of the 19th century and she does keep a close eye of the comings and goings. She is in great shape and sports a strap handle on the back with a dark tin surface gallantly showing through. There is a hole located in the center acting as an air vent.

A blackened beeswax star was added and sets atop two cinnamon sticks so you can capture all that beautiful detail! It has been hand rubbed with spices for a divine primitive look.

This gathering has such presence that it will sure to be a focal point either set on a farmhouse table, tucked under a hanging cupboard or even set on a tall bench next to the hearth. Enjoy!

The paddle measures 17 1/2" Tall (includes the handle) and 10 3/4" (without the handle measurement), 6" across (right to left) and is a little over 3/4" thickness. Sugar Cone stand 4 3/4" Tall, measures 1" across the top and graduates down to 2 1/2" across the bottom. Sugar cone mat measures 3 1/4" by 3 1/4". Henrietta cookie cutter measures 3" across (horizontal), 3" (vertical) and is 1 1/2" tall (including the strap handle). Beeswax star measures 2 1/2" tall from the top point of the star to the bottom point, measures 2 1/2" across (horizontal) and is 1/4" thick.

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