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Antique Primitive Wool Carders Spinning Tool with Painted Basket and Roving Wool Bag Gathering


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Have you any wool...yes sir, yes sir, three bags full! Well...not quite three bags but certainly one! This wonderful English nursery rhyme written in 1761 comes to mind with this next Gathering I am presenting. Hand Wool Carders like these were used to separate the fiber from either cotton or wool so it could later be spun on a spinning wheel.

The early carders were made from thistles and the later versions had small wire teeth like this one. This piece dates to around the late 1800's to the turn of the century and the wood grain is really spectacular! Naturally darkened from age, with appropriate "nail bleed" in the wood, these carders are a nice example of textiles in the making.

There are a couple hairline cracks on the wood surface near the left side and near the handle on one of the carders. The other carder displays a couple hairline cracks near the top left corner and one at the bottom near the handle as well. In image 9, the carder pictured on the right, it appears there was a little make to repair as one nail is larger than the others and two other smaller nails were added to this same area. This may have been done to secure the handle that may have become loose. It is very sturdy and the integrity of this piece was not compromised.

The leather strips on the inside edge of one of the carders have deteriorated from use and the passing of time however, the other carder seems to have held up much better. Nails at one point secured these leather strips in place. Some of the small wire teeth are missing as well which is to be expected.

The basket is a contemporary piece but really looks old and the process was very painstaking to say the least. It took several days to achieve this look but I think it was worth it. The paint has a cinnamon hue with lamplight black undertones. The detail can be seen is image 4.

As shown in image 5 & 6, the bottom, inside and side edge were done in black as a contrasting accent to the cinnamon and sports a two ~ tone color effect. Many coats were applied with plenty of hand sanding in between. The antiquing process was the last step.

I cut out an oval burlap piece to line the top of the basket and does come with this purchase. This was aged as well and the color is very neutral and complimentary to the overall look. You will receive some shredded newspaper to set in the basket along with some natural excelsior that can be laid on top. This makes good filler as the basket is deep.

Lastly, to tie in the theme I made a little bag fashioned from old boucle wool that was aged. I hand ~ stitched the letters "Wool" on this in old black thread and stuffed it with Roving Wool. A homespun wool drawstring in chocolate brown was added for character.

This gathering will add a touch of history and character to your homestead! Now, you just need a sheep!! Enjoy!

The basket stands 11" Tall (including the handle), almost 5" without, 10 1/2" across the top horizontally & 9" to the back. Antique Carders are 9" Tall (including the handle), 4" without, 9" across & about 1/2" thick. The hand ~ fashioned "Wool" bag is 4 1/4" Tall, (not including the Roving Wool), 5" with the Roving Wool, 3" across & 1 1/2" thick (stuffed).

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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