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Antique Primitive Woven Splint Buttocks Egg Gathering Basket


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This late 1800's hand woven basket was fashioned from a splint hardwood, probably oak and is typically called a buttocks basket because of the shape.

The color on this piece has a medium warm nutmeg hue that only time can create and also boasts a "God's Eye" wrapped pattern on each end where the handle meets the rim. There is a little break in the splint on the inside directly behind the "God's Eye", see image 9, however this does not weaken the strength of this basket by any means. Another little break appears on the inside bottom and does come through to the outside as shown in image 11 & 5. There are two more little breaks in the splint, one on the bottom and the other near the "God's Eye", image 2 & 6. None of these above ~ mentioned breaks are too severe. A very small gap is apparent on the bottom of the inside of this basket that shows through to the underside but is not very noticeable. See image 12.

This single handled basket also has some dark chocolate brown color variations limited to, two areas only as shown in image 4 but this really just adds character to the overall look. This quirky little basket is fussy and tends to lean forward as the front portion is pushed out more than the back. The good news is that the back sits higher than the front so you can really see what is presented in the basket when filled with ~of course eggs~or whatever pleases you!

I can just image a little girl carrying this basket on a farm as she made her way to the chicken coop to gather eggs for breakfast! This basket is a perfect smaller size and would look great in a cupboard, on a chair or just about anywhere to add that inviting farmhouse charm to your home! Enjoy!

Basket measures 8 1/2" across outside rim to outside rim, 9 3/4" across from handle end to opposite handle end, & 8 1/2" Tall including handle, 6" Tall without.

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