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Antique Staved Bucket


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When I first spotted this wonderful bucket I just loved it as this has all the primitive appeal it could ever muster up! Staved construction with a great bail handle and boasts a deep warm dark brown tone. This piece dates around the late 1800's or possibly earlier and is quite large. There is one metal band missing at the top so the staves wiggle a little. I do have a metal band that fits perfectly but is more of a galvanized tin color and does not match the existing bands. You are welcome to this band if you like, just let me know.

The lid is long gone but if you coax your husband, I am sure he could cut a piece of wood in a circle that could act as a lid over the top. This way, you can use this bucket at the bottom and stack your other buckets on top of this one. Could also hold your root vegetables in your pantry too! Overall condition is excellent. Enjoy!

Measures approximately 20" tall including the bail handle and 13 1/2" tall without, by 11 1/2" top diameter and 14" bottom diameter.

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