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Antique Stir Stick possibly for Hot Toddies


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When we think about the holidays and all of the festive merriment it provokes food and drink always come into play. Wassail, hot buttered rum, a smoking bishop and hot toddies are drinks invented centuries ago that can still be enjoyed today. These drinks needed to be mixed and a stir stick was an integral tool used for this purpose.

This unusual stir stick exhibits a flat bottom and a shallow bowl unlike the common variety of wooden spoons that sport a deeper bowl, (also called tasting or basting spoons) as well as a half circle bottom near the edge. Most stir sticks do possess a knob at the top location to release the juice from lemons that was an essential ingredient for creating hot toddies, a Yuletide favorite! Even though this particular stir stick lacks the knob feature it still in it’s own right was used to mix drinks because of the size and shallow bowl.

This piece of treen dating from the mid to late 19th century was carved out of one piece of wood. The warm patina lending mellow tones of nutmeg along with darker areas (shown on the back handle) makes for a great piece! There is one very tight crack on the front portion of the bowl but does not extend through to the back. A tiny chip is present near the top edge of the handle as well as a chip approximately 3” above the bowl. It is lightweight boasting great carved form and the condition is very good! This stir stick would be a fantastic addition to your collection as it is considered rare! Hot Toddies anyone? Enjoy!

Stir Stick stands 11” tall, bowl measures 1 ¼” across (right to left) and the handle is ¼” thick.

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