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Antique Swedish Cheese Mold 19" Long


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This antique cheese mold was purchased in Sweden in the early 1980's. A true hand-carved early primitive piece showing lots of attention to detail, decorative carving on the inside bottom would have enhanced the top of the finished cheese once it was removed from the mold. The holes on the inside bottom would have allowed the whey to drain from the cheese as it was cured and molded.

All four edges are held together with mortise and tenon construction with thin hand-carved wooden pins through the tenons. When these pins were removed, the mold would open on all four sides for removal of the finished cheese. Three of these wood pins are intact, with one missing. The bottom piece also shows mortise and tenon construction.

The Initials A A S are carved into one side of the mold (probably the initials of the maker). Overall length is 19" x about 6" wide x 3 1/2" deep (measurements include tenons). Dry attic finish with age-related cracks but still sturdy.

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