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Antique Tart Tin Baking Pan with Maple Leaves and Shell Pattern


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Autumn reminds us of a special time when the landscape wears her dresses of scarlet and gold while the rest of us put on cozy sweaters to keep warm on those crisp Fall evenings. I don't know about you but this is the time that I really enjoy baking! With this in mind, I would like to present a praiseworthy piece of tinware that reminds me of this glorious season where the aroma of favorable country kitchens are most visited.

This tart baking tin sports an Autumn leaf and shell pattern design that is very pleasing. The three shallow wells in the center are plain and would make a nice resting place for votive candles sprinkled with wee pumpkins around the outside edge. The front of the tin boasts a desirable dark surface color that resembles pewter while the bottom has more of a shiny appearance.

This tin baking pan is in good condition without any dents or major surface rust to report. There are some areas of discoloration as referenced in image 2, that display some light surface rust inside the well of the shell pattern off to the left. A couple small areas of the leaf wells are also effected but modestly so.

There are two convenient holes for hanging at the top and this piece would grace any current collections with ease and style! This would also make a nice centerpiece as the middle wells can accommodate candles and when lit would provide a stunning effect on any table of your choosing. This piece traveled all the way from England, as appropriately marked, to make your acquaintance and I can just envision a woman busy making tarts in her Cotsworth cottage! Enjoy!

The baking pan measures 12 1/4" Tall from the top to the bottom, 9 1/2" across (front to back), & stands almost 3/4" high.

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