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Antique Tin Farmhouse Strainer Primitive Gourds Lit with Fall Flavor Neat


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What a beautiful way to celebrate Autumn using this antique strainer that comes with a lovely array of Fall botanicals and lights up nicely in the evening hours. The good news is this interesting gathering is ready to set out as soon as you receive it and enjoy right away.

I found an old tin strainer that will fit in perfectly with either a country farmhouse or primitive homestead. This strainer boasts a dark surface that "prim lovers" can certainly appreciate! There is a whisper of light surface rust on the inside as shown in image 15. The bottom edge does have a couple creases located on the outside directly across from each other as referenced in images, 17 & 18. However this piece is still in overall great condition.

The two lapped over tin handles are attached by rivets to add strength and durability as shown in image 21. There are also two seams present that have a finished look as the tin was turned in. A series of holes have been punched though the tin on the side of this colander which gave me an idea to add a string of orange lights. The illumination is just beautiful as the light is cast out and makes for a very showy display that is full of autumn enchantment!

I added artificial greens to act as a foundation over the lights in the center of the strainer and built a Fall arrangement on top. Gourds, acorns, a dried orange & lemon, pine cones, berries, a highly scented beeswax corn nibblet, and Fall Prairie flowers were incorporated for a natural look that represents Fall in all of her glorious splendor!

I can envision this gathering on a deep windowsill, lit to create magic for passersby or on a farmhouse table atop an early breadboard or even inside of a large wooden bowl. This piece really draws you in while it brings the spirit of autumn into your homestead!

When you receive this decorated colander, you can either refer to the pictures on our site as a reference for arranging or you can add your own personal touch! Enjoy!

The strainer stands a little over 3 1/2" Tall, measures 9 1/2" across the top and 6" across the bottom. The gourds vary in size and measure about 4" tall & the Prairie Autumn flowers are about 12" Long.

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