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Antique Tin Heart Fluted Cookie Cutters Old Primitive Sieve Gathering


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This next gathering should lend interesting primitive charm to your homestead laced with a traditional heart theme just in time for Valentine's Day! The strap handled cookie cutters are from the late 1800's and sport a fluted heart design that is not commonly found. This pair looks great together as they have the same design but are not the same size.

The larger cutter has been re~soldered, see image 6, as this is where the two pieces of tin are joined. This certainly did the trick as this piece is now strong and held together permanently. The strap handle does have some bends and is a little out of shape but is still quite usable and strong. There is a small vent hole in the middle. Overall this piece has great dark surface wear along with some rust areas limited to the outside fluted edge only. This piece is in good condition for it's age.

The smaller cutter consists of three soldered areas, two at the top and one at the bottom where the point is. The inside surface is a little shinier than the first but the back surface is dark and consistent. There are nine vent holes in this cutter and it is in very good condition!

This small sieve is unusual because of the size and sports a wire mesh rolled coil that wraps around the outside edge. Appropriate nail bleed can be seen in the front to hold the overlapped wood in place. The color is a nice warm maple with darker striations throughout. The bottom wire mesh area used as a sifter is tight without any holes to report.

I dried some parsley leaves and placed them inside the sieve to add color. This gathering would look great either in a pantry, tucked in a cupboard or placed on a scrub top table to lend interest and charm to your homestead. Enjoy!

The large cookie cutter measures almost 3" from the point to the tallest point at the top, 3" across @ the widest point and stands 1 1/2" Tall @ the highest point taking the handle into consideration, & 1/2" (without the handle measurement). The smaller cutter measures 3" from the point to the tallest area @ the top, 2 3/4" across @ the widest point, 1 1/2" Tall including the handle, & 1/2" without the handle measurement. The sieve measures 6 1/2" across & stands 2" Tall. Dried Parsley is about 7" Long & almost 3" across @ the widest point.

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