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Antique Tin Punched Lantern Gorgeous


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This tin punched pre 1850 lantern is a wonderful example of early lighting sporting a circular pattern that is not commonly found! It does possess the cleated feature at the bottom and is in very good overall condition! The dark patina is delicious and the intricate hand punched tin design certainly must have taken patience and time.

Lanterns such as this one boasting a crenelated roof, when lit illuminate the tin punched design feature and seem to scatter light randomly across a wall or whatever backdrop is available. A cross encapsulated by a bold circle takes center stage in middle of the door while four opposing corners sport an intricate pattern comprised of half circles. The back reveals a large center circle displayed in triplicate with four smaller circles dominating the corners. A series of dots and vertical lines contribute yet another design element limited to the roof area of the lantern.

There are a couple areas located on the bottom outside rim that are folded inward. A small dent can also be found on the top (cone shaped area) near one of the the large vent holes. The finger ring for carrying purposes is still intact and so is the fluted tin feature that resides just below. This lantern is free of rust which is a rarity considering how old this piece is! The desirable dark color is strong and consistent throughout!

What makes this lantern so special is the gorgeous circular pattern and also the wonderful condition that is not commonly found. It shows very well and will light up your home expelling early charm by casting soft light as it did over 200 years ago! Enjoy!

Lantern stands a generous 15" tall including the ring, measures 14 1/2" with the ring in a leaning position, ring measures almost 2" across and the lantern body measures 5 1/4" across the bottom.

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