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Antique Tramp Art Frame with Country Primitive Barn Picture Winter Scene Fabulous


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Just imagine a day filled with winter magic that lays a white blanket of snow on field, tree and of course this barn. What a beautiful sight! The impressive red barn not only looks pleasing but was built for a purpose to keep livestock sheltered from cold days like this.

A wagon will receive a long winters rest parked just behind the silo as the barren acres of once planted crops lay off in the distance. The rooster weather vane keeps an eye on which way the wind is blowing as his sense of direction couldn't be better especially with the four letters clearly spelled out right below him.

The snow drifts can be seen right up against the barn door and are a finite result of last evenings storm. Wheels of a wagon make deep imprints in the snow right up to the barn door and suggest a safe journey home for weary travelers. Just imagine a safe quite place out in the country where cozy shelter and comfort especially for these animals is a way of life.

This winter scene depicting a beautiful red barn picture was printed on linen fabric and was found in Pennsylvania. Someone was very enamored with this scene and decided to preserve it, under glass as hanging art behind a fabulous Tramp Art frame.

The history of Tramp Art is very interesting! "Tramps" as they were called back then had no place to call home. Discarded wooden cigar boxes were now being used by the tramps to demonstrate their skill in chip carving designs. Ornate and elaborate boxes were produced by hand and given to recipients as gifts for overnight lodging and meals.

Some of the pieces created included picture frames, diminutive boxes with drawers and jewelry boxes just to name a few. Wooden cigar boxes stopped being manufactured in the 40's therefore this forgotten art form is now highly prized and very collectible.

The intricate frame carved by hand, using several pieces of wood to obtain a layered effect is just outstanding. The contrast in the color of the wood chosen really compliments and highlights these individual layers that were applied and secured by tiny nails. The frame really has a three dimensional look and is showy indeed!

There are some areas limited to the comers of this frame that have small chips as can be seen in images 5 through 8. These areas are on the inside edge, back and one is chip is present on the front. There are no cracks to report and this interesting Tramp Art piece is in good condition.

The linen picture has been backed with cardboard to protect it. Masking tape was used to hold the cardboard in place and even though it has pulled away in several places , (see image 9), the picture is still secured. When I hung this picture the upper portion came forward leaving a large gap behind the wall. To remedy this, I added a small eye screw at the top middle area of the frame, in the back and inserted some string through it. The picture actually hangs much better now and looks great!

This piece of aged string does come with this offering so you can actually use the string to hang it instead of the small wire loop. You can hang the nail much higher than the picture and just use the string to adjust the height where you want it.

I purchased this piece because of the intricate hand crafted frame and the tranquil barn scene as well. Hung over a mantle, lintel or over your bed, this quiescent picture will certainly captivate your attention anywhere you place it, especially during the summertime! Enjoy!

This piece measures 17" Tall, 18" Wide and about 2" Deep.

~Note: These measurements are approximate as I was so excited to list this I boxed it up before I took the measurements. Yikes! :)

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