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Antique Walter Baker & Co Chocolate Box Lid Buttocks Basket Child's Book Gathering


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What a fabulous antique chocolate box marked, Walter Baker & Co, Dorchester, Mass that dates around the turn of the century and even has a hinged lid! This piece is in excellent condition as the incised printing is strong and the dark chocolate brown hue in the wood could not be better. Dressed with tight dovetailed corners and minimal wear this box is really exceptional!

I decided to create a spring gathering using this box as the focal point and everything shown inside including the hanging dried turnips does come with this special one ~ of ~ a ~ kind offering!

The Walter Baker & Co., a very famous chocolatier was established in 1780 after Dr. James Baker purchased it from John Hannon's wife. John was a penniless Irishman who was skilled in making chocolate back in England and was introduced to Dr. Baker 15 years prior to the purchase of his company. With Baker's help Hannon was able to set up a business called, "Hannon's Best Chocolate".

Hannon decided to take a trip to the West Indies and never returned therefore the business was sold and opened under the new name of "Baker Chocolate Company". Image 30 shows a picture of the Baker Mill in Dorchester and Milton, MA from 1883 ~ 1896.

Interesting enough, a painting done by a Swiss artist in 1760 caught Baker's eye and was adapted in 1883 as the Logo for his chocolate company, referenced in image 31. The left side of the box also bears this logo as shown in image 6.

Anna, a Viennese girl of 20 was the model for this painting and may have earned her way as a chocolate bearer. When the artist, Liotard saw her among the Austrian court he decided to paint her and this painting drew much attention including one from a prince who married her. In those days it was not suitable for a person of this stature to wed anyone outside of the court even though Anna's father was a knight. Despite all the gossip, Anna lived happily until 1825.

This box certainly does have great history behind it and is still rendering "sweet rewards" but in this case with interesting finds that remind us of sweet Springtime! The inside lid on this box is marked, "Carder Gro, (Grocery) Co., (could be) St. Joseph, MO. The front of the box is marked, "Gold Medal Awarded...Walter Baker & Co.....Paris Exposition 1900". There is a little area on the bottom of the box that shows some wood loss, almost a 2" indent however it is not obtrusive. It is rare that you find boxes like this one with the lid still attached.

This box does come filled with brown excelsior topped with Prairie Grass and is a great size as it is not too big!

You will also receive an adorable "Intellectual Arithmetic" Child's book by John Stoddard dated 1849. The cover is just so primitive looking boasting oodles of wear and the same holds true for the back. The little hand ~ fashioned birds nest I made holds acorn eggs and is accented with soft aged cheesecloth. It graces the upper corner of this book splendidly. The dried turnips lazily hang just above this area from a hook I fashioned from wire.

Off to the right an old small buttocks basket was filled with creamy white roving wool while a scented beeswax lamb rests in the middle. She proudly wears two wee little bells so she can be found if lost but is so cozy in her basket chances are she is not going anywhere! The basket has a God's Eye design on both sides and is in good condition without any breaks to report. The basket sports a light blonde color with just a glimmer of honey. The twisted handle is a great feature and this basket has nice form..a real cutie!

The last item I incorporated into this fresh spring mix is a candle holder made from an old fluted tart tin. This was filled with early peas and a pure beeswax candle which adds interest and compliments the other items inside.

This piece is so versatile as it can be filled with your favorite primitives for a seasonal theme or used in your pantry to display your appropriately fitting ~ antique chocolate molds, cookie cutter collections or even small wooden bowls. Very unique piece that will certainly satisfy your chocolate and primitive cravings......guaranteed! Enjoy!

The box measures 10 3/4" across, stands 4 1/4" Tall & is 7 1/2" Deep. The Child's book is 6" Tall, 3 3/4" across and 1/2" thick. Small Buttocks Basket measures 5" (handle end to handle end), 4 1/4" front to back, stands 5 1/2" Tall including the handle & 2 1/2" without the handle measurement. Beeswax Lamb measures 3" across from the tail to the end of her ear, 1 1/4" across the widest point & stands 2" Tall from her head to her legs. Handmade birds nest measures 3 1/4" across, 3" from top to bottom area & stands 1 1/4" Tall, & the cheesecloth tail is 4" Long. Tart tin candle holder stands 3 1/4" Tall including the candle measurement, 2 1/2" across the top opening, & 1 3/4" across the bottom (flat part). The dried turnips measure 8" Tall by 4" across the widest point.

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