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Antique Watering Can and Bowl Patriotic Flavor Cute


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I have to admit that I am not exactly sure what this piece is but I do have a couple of ideas. My first thought was a creamer or oil filler can that was used to accommodate oil that could be poured into various receptacles for early lighting devices but when I asked a dealer friend he thought it may be a diminutive watering can as well. What I can tell you is the dark and rich patina on this piece is scrumptious and looks similar to aged tin but the reality is this piece was actually fashioned from brass. It is not heavy, rather lightweight and is old. The form is great exhibiting a 90 degree long soldered handle and so is the condition as there are no dents or holes to be found.

I thought this piece would look fabulous decorated in the patriotic style so paper flags were added along with sweet Annie, Tallow berries, wheat and dried rose hips secured by using florist foam inside this vessel. I wrapped cast off stems using calico blue and red homespun to incorporate in this unusual mix to create a dynamic presentation that will enhance any open cupboard, windowsill or nightstand in style.

A vintage, wooden, footed bowl was added to act as the base for the can while a spray of Prairie flowers graces the front. It was fashioned from maple and has a warm appearance. The condition of this bowl is very good as there are no chips or cracks to report.

You can also add this piece on top of old books with an early candlestick placed nearby. This is just a fun item to decorate with that will add color and delight anywhere you place it! Enjoy!

Overall height is 10” Tall, measures 6 ½” across (right to left) and measures 6” deep (front to back). Watering or Filler Can stands 9 ½” tall, measures 6 ½” across (right to left) and bottom measures 4 ¼” across. Maple bowl stands 1 ¾” tall, measures almost 6” across top opening (right to left) and footed bottom area measures 2 ¾” across (right to left). Prairie spray of flowers measure 7 ½” long by 1 ½” across @ the widest point.

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