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Antique Yarn Winder Unusual Table Version Neat


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Spinning and weaving antiques seem dear to our hearts as they capture the spirit of women busy in their work creating various textiles that were a necessity for the family. Whether it be fashioning bed linens or clothing the “huswife” would have her spinning wheel at the ready near the open hearth or by the window where the light was the best. This unusual yarn winder would help the task of winding yarn as it cut down on the time to do so. I have never seen a table top version such as this one before and am excited to present this for sale!

The surface on the wood is dry and the color that resembles crushed walnuts with a whisper of sorrel is heavenly. Character pine knots are present that lend plenty of charm. Most of the construction is pegged less a few early hand forged nails. This mid to late 19th century piece has wonderful form and ingenuity seems to run high as this yarn winder is probably one of a kind and is hand ~ fashioned.

A crack can be seen on the front of the board as well as the back. However it terminates before the yarn winder mechanism. Each of the winder components have a subtle “U” shape and are all pegged into their wooden shaft counterparts. Everything is in working order but you may have to forgive the handle when turned, as it does squeak just a little. This winder is in very good condition with expected wear through the years but in all the right places, I might add!

I was compelled to add some interest to this piece by creating a showy display. First, I used double twisted, variegated yarn in a pretty mustard and buttermilk color and wrapped this around the wooden shafts. Second, roving wool was added to the top that sports rich, dark, earth tones provided by wooly sheep, drawn up with a luscious matching variegated yarn. If you look closely, you can see the beautiful light cognac tipped wool which are inherent qualities of this breed. The last item placed on top of the wool are adorable hand ~ crocheted doll socks topped with soft brown calico tucked into the opening. The socks are stuffed with brown tissue paper and one is accented with a single dried poppy.

This unique gathering would look awesome on a table near a spinning or flax wheel with oodles of wool hung from a Shaker Peg either in your bedroom or wherever you have your textiles displayed! An old basket filled with wool, yarn spindles or carders placed nearby would complete this early themed textile look by adding charm and character to your homestead instantly! Enjoy!

Yarn Winder stands 10 ½” tall @ the tallest point (winder component), measures almost 20” across (right to left) and is 9 ¾” deep (front to back), base is 1” thick. Doll Stockings measure from toe to top opening 4 ¾” high, top opening measures 1 ¾” across, toe to heel is 3” and measurement across (where bow is located) is 3/4”. Roving Wool spread is about 8 ½” by 8” on the board.

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