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Antique Yelloware Bowl Triple Blue Bands Beautiful Design


Regular price $55.50

This antique yelloware bowl has it all and would be a prefect addition to your yelloware collection. The color is a beautiful golden mustard sporting a dark cornflower blue triple striped pattern. The shape also adds interest and this bowl will hold at least five large apples, that are a perfect Autumn accent.

The interesting design on the bowl is a raised rectangle just below the outside rim that projects across the circumference. A raised square design is present below the middle blue banding and again is repeated across the entire bowl. This design feature is a nice compliment to the rectangle pattern. Most of the glaze is present on the inside of the bowl however the bottom glaze has worn off from years of use. There is also a whisper of crazing on the inside and outside of this bowl.

Overall condition is good with a very tiny hairline crack on the inside. This crack is so small my fingernail does not even catch over the surface of this area. There is also a chip referenced in image 5 in the middle of the bowl as well as a pop mark on the outside rim that occurred during the firing process. Please see image 6. Directly under the bottom of the outside rim lip is another chip that is horizontal and runs about a half an inch across this area. Again referenced in image 6. The inside has a couple areas that are dark as shown in image 8. The bottom seems to have a faded $6.00 price tag written directly on the bowl but evidently was done long ago. This indication of price does not reflect what I paid or what the value is in today's market.

This collectible and utilitarian piece of yelloware really stands up to the test of time and one can only imagine what delicious baked goods were prepared and mixed in this scrumptious bowl! The design accents make this piece of yelloware ever so special as it finds it's way in your buttery or pantry held in high regard! Enjoy!

This bowl measures about 8" across the top, 4 1/2" across the bottom and stands 4 1/2" tall.

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