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Apothecary Jar 19th Century Slender Form


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Apothecary jars are a staple in country decorating especially if they are chosen for your pantry and this jar has all of the tell-tale signs of a piece that was hand blown. The size is terrific as this jar sports a slender and tall form. Sorry, but the cinnamon sticks are not included.

Even though this jar does not have a pronounced bottom with a pontil the interesting swirls and bubbles in the glass seem to be a fine and desirable substitute as shown in images 3, 4, 5 & 10. There are a couple areas on the lower body that possess slight chip marks pertaining to the inside only. Two seams begin at the shoulder area and run directly up to the top edge of the jar. The body of this piece is seamless so you get an “ocean view” so to speak! The top edge is rough which indicates this was hand cut and is period correct. A couple, tiny fleabite chips have gently invaded the edge but the army was held at bay! There are no other chips to report and this jar is free of cracks as well. The condition of this late 19th century piece is very good indeed!

The original tin lid has a deep brass / copper appearance and has aged to perfection with dark areas present throughout. A shiny surface appears on the inside with areas of the same color splotches sprinkled randomly throughout. The lid has a raised, dome shaped appearance which adds nice dimension to the overall look. A rolled outside edge on this lid is smooth and implemented with skill. There are no dents or creases to report as this lid is in fine condition!

This tall jar can hold interesting items like collections of old cookie cutters, tall pussy willow branches for spring decorating with a birds nest placed inside, cinnamon sticks, winter berry stems and candy canes with greens for holiday decorating as well. Dried corn can be used during the autumn months too along with interesting gourds. Dried soup beans are another possibility with a wooden scoop placed nearby. You will certainly have fun choosing what items will be housed inside for each season! Enjoy!

Apothecary Jar stands 9 1//4” tall including the lid, measures 3 ¼” across the top opening and measures 4 ¼” across the bottom (right to left). Lid stands 1” tall in the middle location (sides measures ¾”) and measures 3 ½” across the bottom.

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